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“Borgo Pass are one of those bands that are hard to dislike. And Deadwater is one of those albums which, with all its flaws, and it has plenty of flaws, still manages to win me over with every listen. Their mixture of Southern, Sludge and super catchy Riff Rock gained them a cult following, especially with (already six-year-old) release “Nervosa”, which was a self-released gem which I loved through every note. This one retains most of that melodic heaviness and gives it a more radio friendly edge, which generally works, with some exceptions.”


“Borgo Pass are the kings of Long Island. They can always be relied upon to draw a crowd – an eager crowd at that – and they never fail to proffer solid, melodically-aware, guitar-led metal that’s accessible and catchy well beyond the point of commercial viability, but that nonetheless retains some edge of underground-mindedness. On Deadwater, their radio-friendly heaviness comes to full boar.”

The Obelisk

“Borgo Pass - "Deadwater" CD cover image "Deadwater" track listing: 1. Rotted Chain 2. Burning Breath 3. Atheist 4. Raised By Wolves/Something Different 5. Embrace 6. The Dogs Know Better 7. Quint 8. Sea Of Inverted Crosses 9. Flesh And Bone 10. Bless 11. Tomorrow's Dream Reviewed by EdgeoftheWorld on October 21, 2011 "Rocking a Southern metal sound that recalls 'Stronger Than Death'-era Black Label Society, Borgo Pass aims to drown you in the sludgy riffs of 'Deadwater.'" Rocking a Southern metal sound that recalls "Stronger Than Death"-era Black Label Society, Borgo Pass aims to drown you in the sludgy riffs of "Deadwater." And believe me, you'll be more than willing to take the plunge.”

Metal Underground

“I really liked what I heard on the band’s MySpace page and think that these guys can be huge. Songs like “14 Days That Killed Me Slow,” “Wrong Man,” and my favorite song, “Ace Down,” could keep you begging the band for more songs! Trust me! These guys kick some major ass!”

"If you like heavy music and haven't seen Borgo Pass yet,you really need to get off your ass and catch these guys live"!

"The Mighty Borgo Pass Sludge it up"!

"Borgo Pass take sludge rock and make it energetic, catchy, and always a pleasurable. "

"Borgo definitely rock "

“Long Island sludge metal masters Borgo Pass return with a fist-pumping, take no shit 11-track release”

"The songs are rhythmic heavy, but they don’t sacrifice hooks in their assault"

"I like listening to this CD from start to finish. I will not name favorites since I find myself enjoying every song on here! Some label please sign Borgo Pass, I think you will be glad you did!"

"Buy the disc, turn it on and play it loud. it's worth a noise abatement summons or two to have this much fun"

"Long live sludge rock."

"This band is some of the strongest, richest brew the metal vein has had on tap for years".

"Overall, this band excels at what they do".

"Solid rock stuff". 88/100 AARDSCHOK MAGAZINE