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“It’s not an earthquake in Hooksett, New Hampshire, it’s the release of a nine-song CD by the area’s favorite sons, Borderline Eleven. Outside of some acoustics, as on the final track “2 A.M.”, the group offers a non-stop onslaught of heavy guitar battling spitfire vocals of Dan Charpentier (who also plays rhythm). The riffs are inventive and the four band mates – backing vocalist/drummer Andy Mason, backing vocalist/bassist Joe Campbell and lead guitar/backing vocalist Luke Mason – do have a sound that shows the potential to blossom in a great way.”

“NH punks inspire with debut record - Borderline Eleven has pieced together an impressive debut album full of audible angst, head pounding guitar and strong lyrics.”

“Sweet vid!!! One of my favorite songs off the new album. I think I was at some of the concerts you took the video footage from... You guys are one of the reasons I miss New Hampshire! [comment on "Not Coming Back" music video]”

“Borderline Eleven is a band with much promise and a superb effort to launch things from. ”

“...Borderline Eleven’s debut album Read Between The Lines will energize listeners with guitar driven neo-punk. ...What’s important is what the band succeeds in, high-energy songs heavy on guitar and drums.”

“I love this album and I love these boys. They put a lot of hard work and A LOT of time and patience into this album. Congrats. For a little band from NH, these guys will blow your mind!”

“We are always thrilled to bring back great music like these guys. Borderline Eleven is a fan favorite of our publication. We just love their Pop Punk sound. In this follow up interview, we discover what the guys been up to and what new materials we have to look forward from Borderline Eleven. Enjoy! (Click link below) ”

“Wait Outside” is a sing-able anthem with a distinctly pop sound, while “Sweet Beginnings and Sour Endings” provides an uplifting point of view on life’s disappointments. Breakups inspire tearing guitar breakdowns throughout the album, while new relationships are the subject of the earnest acoustic ballad “2 A.M.””

"2 A.M." is my FAVORITE!!!! You don't have to be a teen to be a fan!

Kathi KennedySmith, Concord, NH - Facebook

“I love listening to their music. And its cool seeing a band from my hometown on Itunes :D”

“This is one GREAT Band!!!! Tight well written songs and performed with a wonderful energy. Ya gotta love these guys! ”

Rick Frost, Guilford, CT - Reverbnation

“Outstanding sound mix of guitar, vocals and drums on "Life". Cool story in your lyrics as well... Excellent work, my friends!!! ”

John Revitte, Los Angeles, CA - Reverbnation

“The Battle features six regional teen bands competing against each other for the special grand prize... But that's not all! The night will also feature a very special appearance by area rockers BORDERLINE ELEVEN. That alone is well worth the trip!”

“GroundZZZero: Thank GOD for a HUGE show last night at GROUND ZERO!!! Thanks to BORDERLINE ELEVEN, THE YELLOW TEAM, AURORA, A KINGDOM DETHRONED, & APNEA. 3/7/2010 via web”

“Borderline Eleven was fantastic. Our campers will never forget this experience.”

“Music can carry a very powerful message - positive or negative - to its listeners. Borderline Eleven is a group of young pop alternative punk rockers from Concord who have decided to keep their message clean...”

“They feel that it's their responsibility as Christians to have a positive influence on the world and provide uplifting songs that everyone can enjoy.”

“All of the kids were so pumped up by this group. Even our counselors loved Borderline Eleven.”

“Unlike most popular music these days, Borderline Eleven keeps it strictly PG, avoiding profanity in their lyrics.”

“This experience was truely a highlight of our camp. I...thank God for talented young people like this who can and will make a difference in the way young people take in music.”

“...with their Pacific Wasteland EP Borderline Eleven has set up a nice solid starting base for their music. ”

“Borderline Eleven's sound is a pop-punk mixture of upbeat vocals and catchy guitar riffs with a solid backing of bass and drums.”

“What you'll find on this release is 6 songs that will give you a good feel for the band's sound that features solid guitar work and loud drum beats. The vocal parts are solid...”

“Your spirit is lighter after a Borderline Eleven show. You feel pretty good while listening to their songs, too!”

“What started as something fun...to do in their spare time, Borderline Eleven has evolved into one of the area's most popular Christian bands.”

“As the lights began to dim, local Manchester punk band Borderline Eleven stepped onto stage, setting the concert off with a bang. Matching the energy of the two bands to follow, they blew through a number of fast, upbeat songs.”

“Punk Music has never sounded better than with the Pop Punk Band Borderline Eleven.”