B-bop / Press

“Your music is remarkable and actually does make me want to Get Up and dance”

Delaney Simpson

“Pretty damn sure of yourself. I like an artist with self-confidence. You are dead right. This is indeed one of the best. Very good. Go India!!”

Magnificat Sonnets

“I love listening to your music...You have captured passion as well as compassion and given food for thought with a listening pleasure.”

Daniel Johnny Johnson Jr

“Hello B-Bop , We wanted to let you know-your artistry and music are phenomenal. We know you will take your industry to new heights!”

Aria Arvan

“Crazy good, get your body moving music. Love the reggae, electronica, hip hop feel of "Don't Want You Back". If you are not at least shaking your booty in your chair, you must be dead. Great stuff!”

Worry The Bones

“This is a blast!!! "Don't Want You Back" incredible vocals & groove”


“Really innovative rythym tracks and sensational beats. The production and timing is sensational and so on the money. Glad your past time got the better of you bro - music as a whole is better off as a result of your creativity.”

Rick Frost

“More than good Dance Beats---Great melodies and performance!!!”