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“If you’ve hung around the Denver music scene much, you’ve probably heard of rock/funk band Bop Skizzum. Founded by former Flobots member Andy “Rok” Guerrero, this band has been rapidly making a name for itself, not just for their niche fusion of rock/funk/soul, but simply by making great music. I’ve seen them play around town a few times, and each time I’ve seen their high-energy performance take over the crowd. Next week, Bop Skizzum officially releases its new album Coloradical, and I have to say I’m even more impressed than I was before. It’s tight, professional, well-produced, and shows great range–and in my opinion, it represents very well what I’ve seen live on stage. While “funk” is probably the dominant trait in Bop’s sound, it would be unfair to pigeonhole them as such. They gravitate easily (and seamlessly) between funk, soul, rock, pop and even hip-hop, and are just as able to throw down a moving ballad as they are a rock jam. Lead singer Julie Al”

“Andy Guerrero returns to his funk act after shutting it down to focus on his work as a guitarist for the Flobots. This is his return home in a lot of ways, and mainstream success has left its mark: This is squeaky-clean music, more broadly influenced than before, crafted by someone with an ear for what people want. So there's R&B and soul infused with some serious kick that Guerrero probably found with the Flobots. Funk purists might decry the pop effects and hustle tempos, but this is highly listenable stuff; it's hard to imagine a scenario where you would play Push and have it tank. Tough to say where Bop Skizzum goes from here — whether this was a one-off labor of love or a sign of bigger things on the horizon — but there is no questioning Guerrero as a standout of the Denver scene.”

“Bop Skizzum’s last EP, “Propeller,” came out in 2005, but we haven’t heard much from the funk/soul/rock outfit since 2007, when founder Andy Guerrero turned his focus to his bill-paying gig, Flobots. Recently, however, Guerrero and collaborator Serafin Sanchez resurrected the band, with vocal assistance from the dynamic Erin Jo Harris. The resulting music — showcased on the forthcoming “Push” EP — struts and sashays with towering confidence, classic soul and plenty of funk. The core trio and their many collaborators have unassailable chops, plenty of commercial savvy and a great sense of what it takes to get a party started. If you come to Bop Skizzum looking for cutting edge innovation or gritty realism, you’ll be sorely disappointed. However, if you come to have a good time, you’ll leave with sore hips and a smile on your face.”

“Don't know if it's the roadwork with Flobots has tightened Guerrero's chops, or if it's the addition of Harris, but whatever it is, the band sounds better than ever -- better than it did before it went on hiatus, actually, if you want to know the truth. Don't take our word for it. Listen to the act's new Push EP for yourself after the jump.”

“Andy “Rok” Guerrero is one busy fella. Dude’s best known for his day job as guitarist for the Flobots, and he also recently helped out local up-and-comers Air Dubai with their latest, Wonder Age. Somewhere in there, he managed to find a few extra hours each week to lead his other act, Bop Skizzum, into the studio to lay down an EP’s worth of its own funk/pop/soul jams. Bop Skizzum takes to the Gothic Theatre tonight to celebrate the release of Push, with SuperSeed, Aloft In The Sundry, and Ivory Drive. Maybe Guerrero will even treat fans to the secret behind his recent manic burst of productivity—a secret worth the ticket price alone.”

“the eclectic and infectiously groovy Coloradical.”

“Ready for some more genre confusion? We’ve also got a new theft-worthy track from Colorado’s prodigal, style-blending band Bop Skizzum. Last fall, days after she moved back to the Centennial State from New York City, the band added Julie Almeria on lead vocals. But then, Almeria fell ill. So, the band brought in hip-hop artist SF1 to fill in. When Almeria returned, they felt the two vocalists had chemistry, and so the band became an eight-piece. With a sound as poppy as it is funky, with horn hits and tinkling pianos, the band fully utilizes all eight members. Bop Skizzum is set to release its first LP, “Coloradical,” an album funded by a Kickstarter campaign, on Saturday at Gothic Theatre. Steal “Do You Want It?” right now. You know you want it.”

“Bop Skizzum has been making the rounds for quite a while without a proper full length. That will change with the upcoming release of “Coloradical,” scheduled to hit the streets Oct. 9. The album release party will take place Oct. 6 at the Gothic Theatre. The record’s first single, “Do You Want It,” is a memorable track that could easily be heard on “Glee.”

“The name Bop Skizzum is probably familiar to many in the Denver music scene; headed up by guitarist Andy “Rok” Guerrero and saxophonist Serafin Sanchez, this funk/soul outfit has released multiple records and played off and on in several incarnations for nearly a decade. But after his recent exit from his “other” band The Flobots, Guerrero decided to put his full attention toward retooling Bop Skizzum. Now, with a new lineup, a new lead singer (Julie Almeria), and the addition of SF1 as percussionist and MC, the band has launched their “debut reboot” with a brand new full-length album Coloradical, which officially dropped on Tuesday, coupled with a power-packed CD release show last weekend at the Gothic Theatre. Proudly selling “Funk Is the New Indie” posters among their merch, Bop Skizzum is not your run-of-the-mill indie act. While they integrate pop, rock and hip-hop elements into their sound (Guerrero even penned a tune with Churchill’s Tim Bruns for the album),”