Libations & Oscillations / Press

“I recently came across Texas glitch & bass trio Libations & Oscillations and upon listening to their latest single, “Myriads Rise”, I immediately fell in love. Lush soundscapes and captivating instrumentation sets the mood for this mesmerizing track, while cinematic arpeggios and pulsating bass carry the song along beautifully. With chilling, awe-inspiring tracks such as this one, it’s a wonder how an artist such as Libations & Oscillations have yet to receive more credit. Included in the release of “Myriads Rise”, the trio also included remixes from fellow artists, most notably a remix by one of my favorite French female producers, CloZee. Pumping the original with glitchy synths, funky breaks, and bellowing bass, CloZee manages to wonderfully capture the beauty of the original while incorporating a style of her own into the track.”

“I first came in contact with Libations and Oscillations I believe on TT.fm in the Waxhole room. A pair of chill dudes who like steam punk, video games, booze and beats. My kind of guys. Turns out they are the kind of dudes quietly working on masterpieces in their secret lab and no one is the wiser. Soon that will change. Taking sensibilities from a time past when the focus was on the “E” and “M” of EDM and a making beats that still make you move but also have a bit more depth and re-listen-ability than most of the bangers saturating the net. These guys make true compositions not just beats. Look out for thier upcoming “Myriads Rise” and check out this teaser.”

“These guys have the musical chops to carry out remixes, originals and mixes all with great aplomb. The technical acuity and eye for detail they employ with every piece they produce is admirable and something that many producers out there should take heed. DJ stalwarts in the Austin scene for years, these guys have really made a great start to their collaboration and while they have produced greatness to this point, there are indeed great things to come from the two.”