Bootscraper / Press

“Each track whilst sounding like a bar room knees up is meticulously executed, the level of musical dexterity is breath taking – add to this a considered and spacious production and this is easily a contender for album of the year.”

“There is no doubt that Bootscraper are one of the best bands on the live circuit and capturing their voracious energy on record was always going to be a difficult task but this eponymous offering manages to do just that. Bootscraper is a triumph. It's unapologetic, overblown and wonderfully written all at once, every track could stand alone as a single and there isn't a weak moment amongst the fifty on display here.”

“I’ve played it non-stop since it arrived & this really is gypsy punk/aggro-folk music at it’s very best! Simply one of the most original & best albums I’ve heard in a long time. I can’t really sum it up any better than that. A band who can obviously play, Bootscraper mix up their music & show a true diversity throughout the whole album. Punk, folk, blues, Irish, gypsy, you name it, these boys provide it. Seriously, if you like something a bit different from the norm then get your hands on this album. I’ve also heard that Bootscraper put on a fantastic show & I’m already looking out for a gig near me to catch them live.””

“They bring accordion, banjo, and mandolin together with more conventional instruments and gang vocals to create their agro-folk sound - if Flogging Molly were pirates who listened to Slayer, they might sound like Bootscraper. There is a bit of something for everyone here; the big hooks tie it all together and the new material rises, falls, and jigs along jubilantly with the audience”

“With their rockabilly, punk, country, gypsy music this is the second release after Country and Eastern (which was a total success), this self-titled has 10 tracks in the same mix, catchy, ironic and of course with their own contribution that makes this album a must have for fans of Manu Chao, Gogol Bordello or Kultur Shock.”

“Country & Eastern 4/5 Bootscraper nail this gypsy punk thing pretty good, also adding hints of swing to the heady mix. It's very impressive, and you'd never guess they were form Yorkshire”

Shane Baldwin - Big Cheese

“Country & Eastern Review. 8/10 Bootscraper whet the appetite to get off one's arse and raise a jug of ale at one of the band's surely chaotic live performances. The songs are full of life, each with a story to tell. If you like a bit of substance to your music, knowingly ironic though it may be, then seek this merry bunch of scallywags out.”

Oli Robertson - Rock Sound

“Country & Eastern: 5/5 This is a band that truly knows and respects its musical forbears, and fuck mine there are a lot of 'em. All in all this is an immensely enjoyable album, that wears its influences on its sleeves without sound like anything but itself. I would recommend it to everyone!”

Shot in the Foot Fanzine

“Ooooh, this was something a bit tasty. I've somehow missed these although this is their debut album so maybe they haven't been around for long. Country and Eastern really is a nice eclectic mix of styles; skiffle, punk, blue grass, big band, folk, sea shanty and klezmer make up the bare of the 11 tracks”

Mild Peril Fanzine

“11 sensational tracks which we recommend for any party, great artwork, a debut that deserves all the attention, definitely a band to be heard ‘overseas’.”

MPTY Zine – Romanian Punkzine

“With influences as varied as Bluegrass, Irish jigging, Eastern European gypsy, Dutch yodeling, Country yee-hawing, Parisian Café music, there’s a little something for everyone. Bootscraper have to be one of the best live performances I have encountered in a long time.”

No-Title Magazine - Lucy Barnett