Boondock Gypsy / Press

“Sweet tea and cornbread... great song!”

Kathy Shortt - Reverb Nation

“Awesome acoustic on Devil's Whore! Great lyrics and vocal's! Love that guitar and style!”

Matthew Wall - Reverb Nation

“Awesome tracks--clever lyrics, great vocals, and talented acoustic guitar!”

Slam Horse - Reverb Nation

“Sweat Tea and Cornbread is a real beauty folks. Lovely singing and wonderful acoustic guitar accompaniment.”

Frank Smith - Reverb Nation

“HANGOVER ...great music!!! Very cool..really cool!!!”

Jean Vivace - Reverb Nation

“Strong songwriting and great guitar playing.”

BJ Estaras - Revern Nation

"devil's whore" sure put a smile on my face, y'all... great groove... superior guitar playing... awesome vocals... i couldn't ask for anything more...

The Magneto Flobe - Reverb Nation

“Sweet Tea is a sweet ballad written and sung very well! Nice signature sound you have!”

Heleana Maria - Reverb Nation

"sweet tea and cornbread" sounds just like that... with plenty of butter, too... mmmm... lovely piece...

The Magneto Flobe - Reverb Nation

“Absolutley love "Hangover" from the first note! Great pickin' and singin'. Nicely done!”

Dry Martinez - Reverb Nation

“HANGOVER...yeah, story-tellin poetry wrapped in a lyric groove that is silky smooth with snap and crackle....love the way it winks at life.”

David Namerow - Reverb Nation