Book of Jude / Press

“Right away you can tell this is a hip hop song with the beginning. The guy who is rapping has a nice voice and it is not overwhelming like with other raps. He is passionate about singing about love, you can tell in his voice. The music goes along great with his singing. ”

Kelly Burton

“Elements of Hip Hop and R&B. This is the kind of hip hop I enjoy. It's Christian Hip Hop the way it should be. The lyrics are on point and the music is on point also. Keep up the good work you all and you've made a fan out of me. God bless you guys and keep doing what you do. The elements are posted above. It says "elements of hip hop and R&B. First sentence. ”


“'....higher than the sky an ocean wide....your love is the greatest..." Are the lyrics sang by a female vocalist...using robotic vocals...it was a r&b sensation..with hiphop beats...it had rappers..rhyming about love...such talent! This was a beautiful song..!”

Kevin L. Smith

“I love how the artist deliver his message. You would have never thought that this track would have been about the Lord. This is a way to get through to a lot of young people. I love hearing how good the Lord and blessing that other people have received. I have never heard a track like this before and I love it. What an outstanding track!!!! I love would to hear more music like and more music from this job. This shows that you can deliver a message about the Lord through any type of sound. This track shows a lot of possibilities.”

P. Johnson