Boogie Woogie Jesus Project / Press

"The French Quarter in East Nashville hosted a gala of bands Saturday in order to raise funds for the Bridge Ministry of Nashville, which devotes its time and efforts to assisting the homeless citizens relegated to the streets of Nashville. Headlining the show was unsigned band The Boogie Woogie Jesus Project. Based out of Nashville, the BWJP was created in the Fall of 2009 with the mission to play for God and play it loud. With a healthy mix of musical collaboration, BWJP strung along a series of funk inspired rock. On songs such as “Looking for a Miracle” and a funky rendition of “I’ll Take You There,” it was hard to find any flaws in musicianship and even more difficult to find a note missed by the harmony heavy vocals. The number that brought down the house, however, was a soulful alliance with Abby Burke of “A Bridge Over Troubled Water.” The display of a passion for music and people through a rousing improvisation by Kelly Donovan and Ms. Burke shook the small venue

Josh Shire - The Contributor