Boogie Patrol / Press

“Boogie Patrol.. had the energy and musical chops to spare. They showed what is so great about the blues — it is meant to take your troubles off your mind and your mind off your troubles, which is exactly what the Boogie Patrol did in an intensely sweaty and energetic set of blues and soul.”

"Everybody loved Boogie Patrol.. They had another standing ovation and it just goes to show that they probably are the best blues band in the country."

“When Boogie Patrol plays their electrifying brand of soul, blues, funk, and rock, it gets you right twisted. It was nearly impossible not to be drawn in by Edmonton’s own intensely animated band. Each member performs lively and enthusiastically. Solos are played with passion, a spectacle of pure joy. Still, somehow “Rotten” Dan (vocals, harmonica) was especially spirited—pulsating, sweating, and moving his entire body in a trance. It is truly thrilling to watch. Boogie Patrol instills a sense of nostalgia for the rhythms of great music’s past. If you allow it, it’ll activate not only your imagination but even vivid memories. You may find the music transport you to a smoke-filled room with a radio or cassette player. These musicians go deep within the threshold of their art form. They seem to be more than mere men manipulating instruments but rather the ideal image of the music itself. There is no question—Boogie Patrol finds you.”

“This release from an intriguing band from Edmonton features eleven original soul, funk, and blues tunes. Their strengths are derived from excellent musicianship, and the promising vocal prowess by Rotten Dan, who occasionally plays harmonica. This self-produced recording is a breath of fresh air by these crafty Canadians. They have sequenced their tunes well, write good songs, are a tight unit, and are a band to contend with now and into the future. I suspect they are a hoot to see live too. While it’s nearly impossible to make comparisons, I cannot leave out the reality that Rotten Dan is one of best new vocalists I have heard in quite some time and bears vocal similarities to the great Joe Cocker.”

“The Slice, Sept. 14: It is always a pleasant surprise when the opening act comes close to blowing the headliners off the stage. Energetic Edmonton Blues/R&B band Boogie Patrol played to a packed Slice, Sept. 14. Packed because most of the people were duly impressed by Delhi 2 Dublin’s amazingly incendiary set of rock tinged R and B/ reggae/ blues and world music at this year’s South Country Fair, and were looking for a second helping. However, Boogie Patrol, a late addition to the bill, were more than up to the challenge of opening. These skinny little guys from chilly Edmonton sounded like they should have been big black guys from the southside of windy Chicago. They blew a lot of minds and won a lot of new fans with their inimitable stage presence, crazy harp playing, frenetic organ and top notch musicianship. And a lot of people must have remembered them from that show, because their headlining show, Nov. 27 at the Slice was just as hot and featured a crowded room.”

"Boogie Patrol is off tha HOOK, they're on fire!"

Ric Hall - Guitarist for Buddy Guy

“I'm not sure which is more impressive -- the way Boogie Patrol can captivate a crowd with their soulful vocals, electrifying musicianship, phenomenal energy, and stellar showmanship; or the fact that they manage to pull it all off while being an all-original, stylistically unique group that's all about blazing their own path. Either way, they're as impressive a young blues-based act as I've ever seen.”

Grant Stovel - CKUA Radio

“Boogie Patrol cranked out a passionate, balls to the wall set early in our festival that made them the buzz for the rest of the weekend...”

Jim Warner - Wild Oats & Notes Music Festival

“Boogie Patrol have added to the blues, a notch of high-energy funk & soul that has given them a distinct & recognizable sound that will keep every room and festival they play, on their toes and wanting more. Leaning on older styles and adding their gutsy, raw sound to their original songs has given this band a well-deserved, fast-paced, respected recognition in the blues scene in Alberta and other parts of Canada. Rotten Dan is gaining a reputation as one of the best young vocalist/harmonica player/frontmen to come onto the blues scene; Yuji Ihara's guitar does all the talking. This band is the future of Canadian blues: keep an ear and eye out for Boogie Patrol.”

Mark Ammar - Promoter

“The Ice on Whyte Festival was thrilled to have Boogie Patrol perform at the festival in 2010. It was wonderful to see visitors in winter coats and boots get up and dance till they had to take their coats off. Of course, the festival is very pleased to have Boogie Patrol back to perform on Saturday, January 22, 2011. Many people have asked me to describe Rotten Dan of Boogie Patrol and my best answer is “If you took Howlin’ Wolf’s voice and put it into the very young body of Joe Cocker, you might almost be able to conjure up this man’s talent.””

Wanda Bornn - Ice on Whyte Festival Producer