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“Since its inception in 1995, Boogie has been synonymous with large crowds, festival gigs and a great cover of “You Can Call Me Al.” However, tomorrow Boogie releases a new album titled “Under the Covers” featuring six cover songs and six original songs recorded by the band. The album will be released on iTunes and in CD format. It’s new life for the cover band, which recorded a handful of original tunes in the mid ’90s but, according to Peters, “We were pretty naive and we just didn’t really go about it the right way.” Therefore, the band just kept doing what they did best: make a winning set list and perform tons of live shows. It was these years that Boogie found their diversity was a key to their popularity, and even today the band plays a variety of genres from artists such as Keith Urban to Evanescence to Eminem. Peters also noted that the band’s original music is just as diverse as their cover selection. “We like to think that there’s something for every”

“Returning to the festival this year will be Boogie and the Yo-Yo'z who'll play Friday. Their appearance at Music Fest will mark a special day in the band's history, as it releases its first album of original music. Traditionally a cover band, Boogie and the Yo-Yo'z has "ventured off into uncharted territory" by writing six original tunes, said Eric Peters, the band's lead guitar player. "Just like Boogie's cover music ... it's very diverse," Peters said. "We don't fix ourselves to one genre." Peters described one of the songs as "Zac Brown meets Paul Simon." Another as "if Stevie Wonder met up with Maroon 5." "We really reached into the different genres to try and emulate what we do best on stage," he said. The album, dubbed "Under the Covers" because the six original songs follow six newly recorded cover songs on the CD, will be available for purchase Friday. ”