Bon Ton Key Club / Press

"Your mixes are clear as crystal and I love the morphs! Smart harmonies, nothing too dissonant, a treat for the ears!"

Jamie Parsons - Reverbnation

"I love the way you change it up and break it down. It is refreshingly original and interesting music. Nightwalk is incredible!"

Jamezon Cloud - Reverbnation

“ “reminds me of Ritchie Blackmore crossed with war of the worlds” on Dialtones ”

Vengeance Official - SoundCloud

“Nightwalk is a slinky, funky track for sure. Diggin' it. Frank Smith”

Sills and Smith - Reverbnation

"Vessels" is very powerful and thought provoking. Exceptionally original with a many different layers of meaning. Wonderful job!

Alex Final - Reverbnation

“ What grabs me most, when listening through these tracks, is that as well as you having a definite and individual sound, there is such a variety of styles. And that keeps this 'ere listener's attention from first to last track. Love it! All the Best - Exile ”

Exile Pots - Reverbnation

" Give and Take" is a very cool textured song. You are very talented and creative. Something new...is you.

Susan Buchanon - ReverbNation

"Nightwalk" is just plain BRILLIANT!!!

Katerina Stametalos - ReverbNation

"You have created such kind of extraordinary soundscapes that were just completely sophisticated and deeply immersive."

Parvus Lux - ReverbNation

"Playing your tunes again right now! Dialtone is a fantastic piece of Jazz Funk--superb! Outstanding tracks, one after the other!

Ste Van Horne - ReverbNation

“Hello Rich~ i can see your universe where urgent is important~happy is wonderful (i would dance if i could)~ magic is amazing~ Your music takes a lovely journey~ i'm happy to be along for the ride! Peace and massive respect.”

TE Fireoved - ReverbNation

“Yo Rich !!! You sure are ripping it up on "Freedom on the Fly" !!! Awesome tracks and sound my brother...oz”

Otto Zone - ReverbNation

“...running through your playlist is like some electronic opera..slippin' seamlessly from one vignette to another..and the funky jazz explorations are simply sublime!...cheers! ”

beatmistresscait - ReverbNation

"Man I really enjoyed your work here.You took me on a great musical journey.Really some nice vibes I'm feeling here,listen to all your tracks,such creative tracks!! Stay blessed Kalimba Master." Aug 29

Lenox Mays, Jr. - ReverbNation

“Thank you ~ if I ever need a pillow for my heart I know where to come! Best wishes, Andrew”

Andrew Austin - ReverbNation

“stopping in for another listen..going for a Nightwalk with these superb songs!”

MikeWhitePresents - ReverbNation

“Rich Dickson has such an incredible. original array of tunes that they have invented an adjective yet that would do it justice... [more] Rich Dickson has such an incredible. original array of tunes that they have invented an adjective yet that would do it justice - so, I guess "extraordinarily super" will have to suffice for now. Thanks for a great listening experience![less] ”

Rick Frost - ReverbNation

“Brother, I really enjoyed listening to GIVE AND TAKE. Nice melodies and heavenly escapades. CMon”

CMongrooves - ReverbNation

“ Talk about being taken for a ride. Rich, let me tell you bro'. Your music REALLY takes me places I've either never been or have... [more] Talk about being taken for a ride. Rich, let me tell you bro'. Your music REALLY takes me places I've either never been or have longed to go. I sincerely appreciate your musical detail and approach. One of your true fans, Just Ben”

Just Ben - ReverbNation

“To one of the best on REVERBNATION…Continued success with your fantastic tracks….Pat B in NYC ♪♪♪♪ Oct 27”

Pat Branch - ReverbNation

"Checking Round" is such a beautiful and uplifting song! The vocals are so beautiful and upbeat! I love the instrumentation and unique composition. I love songs like these because they remind me of sitting on a beach drinking a cocktail with a beautiful girl by my side. Kudos to both of you on a job REALLY well done! ;)

Alex Final - ReverbNation

“love your creativity with layers and integration of styles and sound.....the evolution and flow makes your style unique and one of a kind. Keep sharing your fine artistic talent with the rest of us.. Great success to you Rich!”

Laura LaCroix - ReverbNation

“Give and Take: "Seems like you're using radical technique in a very pleasant fashion ~ gotta love that tympani ... the whole composition unfolds beautifully with a variety of majestic timbres that are deep & compelling ! Me, I dig it very much !!!!! 3rd play now & there goes that kettle ;D ~ " ”

THE ALTRUISTIC MESSIAH a.k.a. Ben Vandagriff - Stereofame

"Pillow for My Heart: I like the electric bass and the keyboards. Really nice groove and contagious guitar riffs."

Carlos Mongrut, CMongrooves - ReverbNation

“Most enjoyed the diversity and originality of your sounds and tunes! "Down at the House" is one of our favorites! Wish you all the best!”

LPS Band - ReverbNation

“a big fat WOW...nothing but talent oozing out my speakers...bumble”

Elsewhere and the Bumble Fly - ReverbNation

“Thanks 4 joining Bon Ton.Love the vibes in ur music.love the mix too.you have a cool unique style.looking 4ward to hearing more.all the best to your musical journey. Malik”

Malik Torain - ReverbNation

“Pillow For My Heart: "Man this track has all kinds of appeal and a great chill energy about it. I mean its pretty darn relaxing, bro. Great work on this....outstanding! Thumbs up my friend!!"”

"I can't tell you how much I love your music. When you don't hear it for a while, it sounds that much more special. Great work!"

"Down At The House" on Stereofame: "love this track! it makes me think back to bands like Jeff Beck, only with a much more modern groove.... GREAT JOB!"

"i like the contrasts between the instruments and melody lines.Good production and performance.Thumbs up"