Bonnie Riot / Press

“The sound of this first group taps the raw rock vein of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but not just because the band covered "Tick" and "Date with the Night" - and happened to cover them well. The amazing stage presence and vocal range of the lead singer, coupled with the tight rock produced by the band garnered a lot of well-deserved applause from an enthusiastic crowd. This singer is as comfortable shrieking a la Karen O as she is carrying a note over melody-driven indie rock and roll. And despite it being the band's first performance, the group already displays the kind of natural musical compatibility that even more seasoned bands can't seem to tackle. ”

“Bonnie Riot crafts a memorable all-inclusive riotgrrl sound that borrows from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and a dozen other indie garage bands. The West Palm Beach-based five-piece has been adding members and tunes to its repertoire since the band’s 2004 debut. But Bonnie Riot isn’t just crafting unforgettable indie dance beats; the band is throwing high energy dance parties each time it takes to the stage.”

“Bonnie Riot, headed by female vocalist Milly and female drummer Fern, shows that girls can really rock with the boys. Their energetic performance, playing originals and covering the very weird and unique Yeah Yeah Yeahs' songs, this power-house of a group is not going away anytime soon. After Milly got out her frustration with exes and her hate for cheaters, bassist Alan handed Joel, the multi-tasking bassist/guitarist, the bass guitar and the song “Date with the Night,” originally done by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, drew everyone’s attention. Milly’s powerful vocals and ability to scream like no other complimented Louis’ finger spazzing on the guitar fret in perfect rhythm to Fern’s impeccable beat. Bonnie Riot is one band I would keep an eye on in the local scene.”

"...a band that blends amazing stage presence with the raw rock of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs."