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“New song THE DAY THAT WAYLON DIED written by Bonnie McGill music and vocals by Teddy Grimstad”

“Reply Teddy Grimstad Sunday, Aug 23 at 9:08 PM I am so proud to be the one that has had the chance to release Bonnie's music on my Label Thihawatha Records. Her songs can be found on iTunes as well under these codes: iTunes: http://apple.co/1NBA5pG Apple Music:http://apple.co/1hJ8OYl Amazon:http://amzn.to/1NKpxVZ Spotify:http://spoti.fi/1GiC6VZ”


“Just released my new song IS THERE SOMEONE ELSE .. Please listen ...I think ya'll will like it...”

Bonnie McGill - NEW SONG *** IS THERE SOMEONE ELSE *** ***


Bonnie McGill - One Million Song Plays

“Sonja Quintana Thursday, Aug 15 at 4:08 PM Reply There a message going around that there's something going on at Bonnie's Cafe that no one can explain. It seems that a lot of people have decided that time spent at Bonnie's Cafe is imperative and seemingly on an unheard of high demand. There have been reports that ppl have given up time on fb, Twitter, Youtube, facebook and even REVERNATION just to join their counterparts at Bonnies's Cafe. No one can explain it. This will be the first time anything like this has ever happen. Bonnie, whatever you are doing, it seems that you are certainly doing an exceptional job!!!! Wow!!! Keep it rolling!!!”

Sonja Quintana - Sonja Quintana

“ VinylKitten Monday, Feb 25 at 5:02 AM Reply Your music is pure and beautiful heartfelt country! I am sure it is only a matter of time one of your 300 songs will break through and you will become the county music legend that you deserve to be! Thank you for brightening my evening with your enormous talent and musical presence in my world! Much Love xoxo ”

“Brand new song just released *** SAW THE WRITING ON THE WALL *** written by Bonnie McGill , sung By Barry G.”

“ Salariatus The hills of Ontario and Tennessee, Europe, Asia, and the whole world are echoing the sweet voice of Bonnie McGill! Your music brings people together! Thank you, Bonnie, f... Aug 9 ”

“Q: "Daddy's House" is a very strong song with a A:I have seen too many real life situations in our countries that are just like this.. I can't stand child abuse and especially when it comes from right within the homes of so many innocent children. The ones they should trust the most are often the very ones abusing them. This is a very controversial song and I was afraid to even release it at first , but felt it needed to be told.I hope one day a big Country singer will record it and it's message will ring out for all the world to hear.. My greatest hope is that it will bring awareness to a sinister problem that needs to corrected. If my song will help one innocent child It will have been worth it all.. Shortly after the song was first released on reverbnation, a young girl wrote to me and said,"Bonnie, You just told My story." The song is now and has been one of my most played songs on here so far. Thanks for asking . And thanks so much for all who have listened and played this song.”

“ Hi my friends Thank you so much for dropping by and listening in. I love checking out the comments and listeners and fans every day..They only show the top 10 listeners but I know you are there so here is a {HUG} from me.. If you leave me a comment I will be sure and check out your site too.. [less]”

“My very first video is now out on youtube and reverbnation It is Called "MARTHA"S BIBLE" Please check it out ..Thanks so much for your support..”

“The Morning Paper, A Christmas Prayer, and Martha's Bible all new .. And I just won on www.soundchew .com with my song How Long Till I Go Crazy sung by Donna Ray.. It's a great day... God Bless You all my friends here on Reverbnation”

“A Remembrance Day Song The Down Side Of Freedom .I wrote and it is narrated by Ed Gowens Please share it with all the Military personal, their families and friends... God Bless them all...”

Bonnie McGill - The Down Side Of Freedom

“ From: Artist - The River Note (Go to Page) Subject: Approve Comment Date: 2011-10-05 3:10 HI Bonnie, im a big Johnny Cash fan, especially: "American Recordings". You dont sound like, Allison Krausse, Dixie Chicks or any other country singer. You have a beautifull deep voice, the way you sing the words, the words themselves. You make me think of Johnny Cash's - American Recordings. Youre coming - and the world is waiting. Love your music :-) ”

The River Note Band - Bonnie McGill

“ From: Artist - Rick Frost (Go to Page) Subject: Approve Comment Status: Pending Date: 2011-08-06 18:03 Bonnie MCGILL is the classic "Nashville Grand Ole Opry Countryy Music Star"! Great songs, great musicians, great story telling and vocals that are so good you feel as if you grew up listening to her on the radio! What an exquisite talent!!! ”

Rick Frost - Bonnie McGill

“I have just finished my New Cd and to order it please contact me at my e-mail address... bonniemcgill@sympatico.ca”

Bonnie McGill - Bonnie McGill