Bongoloidz / Press

"Such a great band! Pop music with a punch. Innovative and interesting use of the parts. Lots of backing vocals. Sarah dialed in some great sounds and played with cool smarts. Kenny's keyboard lines blended with Kathi's total badass, pulsing bass, the whole thing anchored by Fredo, who, in his first and only show with the band, sounded as if he had been with them from the beginning of the tour."

“...Bongoloidz, a.k.a. the solo project of Fredo Ortiz, who I’ve recently bumped into at Giant Robot Biennale 3 and the Refused/The Bronx show at the Fonda. You might have seen him play with everyone from The Bronx to Beastie Boys to Los Lobos–not to mention frequent jams with the likes of Money Mark, Tommy Guerrero, Ray Barbee, or all of the above. His solo stuff ranges from punk rock to hip-hop to cumbia, and it turns out he and his crew can rip at all of the styles equally well in a live setting...”

“Drummer / percussionist Fredo Ortiz is one of the best around and his resume of work speaks for itself. Yeska, Ozomatli, The Villains, Red Exiles, Cava, East L.A. Taiko, and The Beastie Boys– the list of great bands and projects is long and Fredo is always busy making good music.”

“here’s some good news…. our percussionist Alfedo Ortiz is making a record”

“Interview: Meet Fredo Ortiz of Bongoloidz”