Bonefish Johnny / Press

"South Florida may not come readily to mind when one thinks of the blues, but singer/guitarist Bonefish Johnny has been playing his brand of sugarcane soul in the regions' bars and juke-joints for over thirty years. Sings the Blues is a testament to those who came before, and a confession of paying dues."

"The term 'guitar hero' is usually reserved for the fastest or flashiest fret shredders. But the expertise and affection guitarist Bonefish Johnny brings to blues, soul, funk, R&B and roots music makes him even more deserving of the title."

"How do you put '60's soul, calypso, reggae, blues, swampy New Orleans shuffles, trashy surf music, R&B, rap, funk, go-go, Carolina shag, Elvis and James Brown in the same sentence, let alone the same song?"


"Known as the baddest...the most get-down soulful white cat around."

"...streetwise humanism with a dose of anarchy."

New Times, Miami

"Too cool for this business."

Legendary producer Tom Dowd