Bo Mc$ / Press

"A crowd quickly gathered under a canopy at the east end of the depot to listen to Bo McMillion play tunes...Several tapped their feet and clapped in tune with the Music...The audience erupted into applause at the end of each tune...While the Music entertained them, cyclists recorded them and took photos with cell phones, a memory for coming days of their ride and tour of Pulaski and the New River Valley.

“Friday began with a little rainfall to mellow the mood and our emcee for the weekend, Leftover Salmon's Vince Herman, introduced the sounds of Nexus from the local area of Morgantown and a band that Vince used to play with fifteen years ago. Nexus gave a truly indomitable performance with the rain pouring in buckets and thunder and lighting filled the sky as they covered "The Wheel" and sang out, "If the thunder don't get you than the lightning will!"”

“The band is Appalachian Jazz Project, Rob Masten's Elkins-based quintet, who opened for C.C. Booker in Jazz At Charles Pointe last January. The cool thing about AJP comes from their longevity and their interest in exploring different types of jazz through association with guest artists. Their rhythm section - drummer, Jeff Broschart, and bassist, Seth Young - is as tight as you get after many years playing together, often challenged to blend with the guest artists. Masten plays great sax, and is frequently called away from Elkins to work a tour or as a session man for a studio recording. Their guitarist is Bo McMillion, aka "The Braxton County Monster", who can do anything with a guitar is an absolute joy to hear. Add Appalachian Jazz Project's bad belle vocalist, Erin Young, and you've got what I'd call a hot night, alright, but still very cool. Know what I mean? ”