Bombay Black / Press

“This Arkansas quartet rocks like no-other with their unique Hard Rock style, and "Walk Of Shame" is an album you must listen.It's classic early '90s American Hard Rock / Hair Metal / Melodic Hard Rock but transported to 2014, a logical evolution from a genre that still admits new frontiers, and Bombay Black prove this on their excellent new record.”

“Bombay Black already have 5 very good records under their belt, but "Walk Of Shame" is hands-down the band's best disc, and my pick for the party-rock disc of the summer, if not the year.”

“Bombay Black is a rock-solid band that knows how to deliver fine hard rockin’ music.”

“A fine blend of classic American melodic hard rock touched with a metal edge.”

“It's no mistake that the gods of hair metal are catching up with Bombay Black -- they've got some of the best songs they never wrote.”

“This is what American Hard Rock sounds like today–you start with Bombay Black, and you work your way down. Period.”

“ En lugar de quedarse estancado y seguro, siempre han mirado para crear algo nuevo y fresco.”

“In an era of new music that has watered down the idea of rock and replaced it with poppy, radio friendly, corporate crap pile that is designed to sell records; it is easy to lose hope. Then there is Bombay Black, this band kicks some serious A**.”

“Sooner or later, the listening world is going to have to realize that Bombay Black is simply one of the best bands on the planet making Hard Rock today.”

“Since (May) 2006 and attending the Kiss Expo ...and then saw Bombay Black perform, I was totally blown away and have been a fan ever since.”

“Their aggression, their sense of humor, their huge vocal melodies and their limitless attitude come to sonic life when you see them live. Each member is an original personality in his own right, and together, Bombay Black just keeps getting better.”

“With four albums before Love you to Death, Bombay Black delivers hit after hit. With a great packaging and outstanding music, tight lyrics and just great writing through and through, Bombay Black has produced yet another great album to add to any metal lovers collection.”

“Bombay Black's Music is the kind of heavy modern rock built upon big meaty guitar riffs listeners can sink their ears into and bass-heavy, rumbling rhythms.”

“Bombay Black is one of the best bands anywhere. I love what these guys do and if like your Rock & Roll melodic and heavy then Bombay Black is worth checking out again and again.”