Bombadil / Press

“It sounds a lot like a breakthrough and a breakaway, a mature but charged statement from a band whose ideas, enthusiasms, abilities and emotions have finally found their nexus.”

“often sounds like a college glee club covering The Village Green Preservation Society: The melodies are chipper, the hooks prominent, the performances energetic, the arrangements full to bursting with ideas.”

“...about how to live longer, about how seeking greater enjoyment isn't wrong, about how relationships go astray, about how soul mates are out there, about dancing and whooping around for no better reason than inspiration striking...”

"Sentimental, sandy, absurd, vulgar, narrative, shot through with smiles."


“Bombadil's stunning debut album combines a love of international folk with homegrown mountain-blues, played with a good-time rollicking feel perfect for road trips and lazy summer days.”

“When Bombadil is at its best, which is almost always on a stage, it can make any crowd—be it a soaked gaggle of high schoolers and parents at an outdoor music festival or a smoking, drinking clutch in the burrito bar of a mountainous college town—forget most everything else for about an hour.”


“Overall, I would describe Bombadil as spontaneous, upbeat, and freakin’ awesome.”

“fearless, inventive...exude a certain type of confidence and bravery that seems to be a running theme in everything Ramseur puts out.”

“Like the Lord of the Rings character from which they stole their name, Bombadil are exuberant and entertaining.”