Bog of the Infidel / Press

“Bog of the Infidel weave melodic atmosphere with some truly pulverizing arrangements long on flailing drum blasts, razor sharp riffs, and moaning vocal growls & wails. "Burnt Offerings" has a good amount of all these elements, while "As Satan's Pale Serpent Eye Waxes Full" just crushes with evil intent.”

“...I haven't been able to stop listening to To Corrupt Your Sons and Lust After Your Daughters...hooky, memorable tunes. There's a fast, thrashy influence, too, buried under a beautifully cold, open atmosphere reminiscent of the Ukrainians (think old Drudkh) and shades of old USBM like Grand Belial's Key (without the sketchiness, of course). In short, it's fucking great...”

"Resident Black Metal Kings"

“A good strong set of storming black metal and vaguely menacing farm implements; nobody got hit by the pitchfork that got thrown off the stage, but that it was thrown, and that people had to step back, is what's important. Black metal isn't supposed to be safe.”