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“Groovy in-your-face loud pop/rock played with flair and style. The guys in Bodyface have a winning sound as is evidenced by the impossibly danceable tunes on Bias. So many bands make things so unnecessarily complicated...when all you really need to do is write good songs, turn everything up loud, and play like holy hell. And that's exactly what these guys...and man do they do it well...like a cross between early Smashing Pumpkins, Ozzy, and Fountains of Wayne...without ever sounding that much like any of the three. buzzsaw guitars loud and up front in the mix...the rhythms dynamic and exciting...and the vocalist has a wonderful presence that just oozes from the speakers. You may have already gotten the message here but to put it more simply...we're in love with this album. So many groovy tunes that sound really great turned up LOUD. We'll be playing this one into the ground this spring and summer. Killer rockin' stuff that kicks ass. TOP PICK.”

“If you enjoy bands who are the sonic equivalent of a triple espresso or, for less refined tastes, a six-pack of Red Bull, high-octane rockers Bodyface and their “Bias” debut need to occupy some space in your iPod. These New York natives took Europe by storm last year and returned home to record this blistering 10-track release. And while the riffs are sure to get you amped up, there are enough catchy hooks to make Bodyface appealing to mainstream audiences. Opener “Sunrise” sets the tone, and the guys channel Ozzy Osbourne a little on “Get Away” before launching into keepers “Kill Her,” “I Love You Vampire,” “I Suck” ...Bodyface's in-your-face approach works”

In Tune (JS) - McKeesport Daily Times

“Hey you know when you hear something that really grabs you, that just happened!”

“Great vocals, great sound, great songs, great band. -Jacob Moses”

Jacob Moses - Reverbnation

“Great rockin' sounds. It reminds me of a combination of Black Sabbath, The Raspberries, The Kinks... Excellent songs, great singing, good playin'... Everything I want in Rock and Roll!!!!”

Progrockdan1 - Reverbnation

“Hi Bodyface, Mother Coyote here. I think your mom needs to speak with me. This is great stuff! Super textural, well crafted, stomping in and out of emotions, dramatic stops and changes. Maybe YOUR mom just needs one of brownies. When you guys get huge, please record one of The Coyote Brothers songs. Love and brownies...[”

“Bodyface "Bias" "Get Away" is the album highlight, with a combination of heavy riffs and solid vocals. The intense "Kill Her" and "I Love You Vampire" will impress you for sure.”

“Please stop calling me, I am going to call the police if you don't stop...I mean it.”

Karen - Message Left On My Phone

"Seeing the combination of Jared Kerr, Matthew Pop, & Roger El Asmar onstage was incredible", says one alcoholic, "I need a drink".

An Alcoholic, quoting another Alcoholic - Alcoholics Opinion