“What does Bobble Tiki have in common with Bodybox, you may ask? Well, Bobble Tiki will get to that. Let's start with the things Bodybox and Bobble Tiki DON'T have in common. For starters, and most obvious, Bodybox is a three-piece rock band from T-Town made up of singer and guitarist Kurt Lindsay, drummer Belal Anwar and bassist Kevin De Flitch. As you well know, Bobble Tiki is simply an island themed souvenir with a drinking problem and a job in journalism he probably doesn't deserve. Secondly, Bodybox obviously has motivation and drive: a band for only a year and a half, Saturday's show will celebrate the release of a full length CD - 11 whole songs! Bobble Tiki is totally lacking in the motivation and drive department. Bobble Tiki probably hasn't written 11 decent sentences in the last decade, and he sure as hell hasn't been too concerned with sharpening his craft. Hell, not when The Biggest Loser is on! ”

“A mix of funk, folk, bass-driven soul/hip-hop and alternative rock, a Bodybox song (or performance, Bobble Tiki assumes) could go any direction at any time. While none of the band's work comes off like a reinvention of the wheel, and all is comfortingly familiar, Bodybox definitely has a bevy of personalities to draw from - and they pull from them all with skill and obvious care.”

“Somewhat timid and soft-spoken, the three members that make up Bodybox present a sound in their music that contradicts their low-key appearance. The raspy and slightly southern-tinged voice of Bodybox belongs to 23-year-old Kurt Lindsay, the band's vocals and guitarist from Statesboro, Georgia. Each track on the self-titled premier CD executes a different vocal strategy; one song might be a fragile slow motion freefall while the next is jarringly powerful and fast-paced. ”

"If you’re looking for something a little more straight up rock, then BODYBOX should be on your to-do list for the evening. They are less than a year old, have no video to speak of, but if their 3 song EP is any indication, they have a wide range to their sound that will no doubt make a welcome addition to the Seattle scene. The hard hitting “Do It Again” is a fast paced anthem full of distorted guitar riffs and edgy vocals. On the other end of their sound is “Wake.”. This down tempo song takes you down roads reminiscent of Ben Gibbard’s many incarnations. Being such a new band on the scene it is hard to say what is in store for these guys, but if you like to be on the cutting edge of what’s new here in Seattle, they are definitely worth a look."