Bockenplautz / Press

"I can't mix you louder on stage. You're as loud as most metal bands already!"

Cole, Sound Guy - BBC's Upper Level

“Thanks for an awesome show. We had so much fun with you guys. Lets do it again next year!”

"They sounded really good! What a talented group of young men! But they were sort of loud, so I had to turn off my hearing aid."

Milwaukee Boat Line Summer Concert Series - Elderly Patron

“You guys were fabulous! Thanks for rocking it out at 9am!”

Tiffany Ogle, WTMJ's "Morning Blend" Host - Twitter

“Hey, you guys are waaaay better than i thought you were gonna be...”

“Bockenplautz offer a unique blend of really great music and vocals delivered with a rare sincerity that is just plain fun - they're a band you only have to experience once, and then you're hooked.”