Bocanegra / Press

"Demonstrative, mercurial Latin outfit Bocanegra are as adept at playing grungy ambient rock as they are hard hitting dance rock.

“Bocanegra has the luxury of saying that their work has proved itself to those with the most discerning of tastes.”

Generacion Cero

“…[Bocanegra] are ready to demand respect and demonstrate their importance both domestically and internationally.”

Fidel Guitierrez M. - Variedades, El Peruano

“…a versatile and dynamic proposal, inside the musical panorama, with a determined purpose of internationalization.”

Mario Vallejo - Esquina Magazine

“Bocanegra possess a sound of their own that injects a dose of adrenaline and bursts with unbelievable resonance.”

Jorge Bazo - Expediente Cine

“Bocanegra offers a mouthful of stimulating music that makes us forget for a moment about the tyranny of local radio’s brittle programming.”

Angel Paez - La Republica

“The power trio, Bocanegra, have erupted on the local scene with this EP [1.1] of pristine gloss and perfect sounding frequencies.”

Francisco Melgar Wong - El Comercio