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“Top Ten Independent Artists of 2013--- Bob Rylett – "Moon"... Modern Folk... A funky style and a Dylan-esque flair, Canadian Bob Rylett has what other singer’s dream of – an unmistakable and distinctive sound. Produced by Jeff Seaman and mixed by Bob Pompei. Recorded at Barrel House Sound. Outstanding tracks include ‘On a Delicate Moon’ , ‘Somebody Hold Me Tight’ , and ‘When Love Comes Around’. www.bobrylett.com”

“Crowd Review for "On a Delicate Moon" I liked this. Every part. The melody, lyrics, vocals. Made me tap my foot. I can't really think of anything that could improve this. Well done. The first 10 I've given out of almost 50 reviews. Refreshing.”

unknown - reverb nation

“Wow Bob...after just watching snippets of the MTV 2013 Music Awards I no longer have to wonder where the real music has gone. It can be found in artists like you.”

“Hey Bob! I like what you do, the songcraft, the sunset background, the self-contained management. I like the whole package.”

"I hear so many songs these days - but very few artists have the ring of truth combined with the enhanced delivery skills necessary to reach the hearts of people en masse. You have both Bob, and the great thing is that it doesn't seem to affect you adversely as a man. The humility is still there that supplies you with the emotional insights and ideas that generate such fine material. Don't ever lose it my friend! When you 'click' on that one huge song that will appear 'all on it's own' (and there are millions of them hiding in that old guitar somewhere!) - I have little doubt that you will achieve worldwide commercial success and you deserve it. Keep writing! Jules"

“Bob Rylett landed at my door carrying a guitar and a small tornado of songs. He’d been hounding the big dream from town to town, working bars and small cafes, playing whatever people want to hear. Regular juke-box with a smile. Picking up gigs any stop in between for fifty bucks and a burger. Sleeping in the car. Pushing on down the road. Coast to coast and back again. BC mountains to the Florida Keys. All those white lines and a life of reading signs. Every day he writes a new song. Disciplined, determined, and prolific. Has a whole overflowing head-full of original material that bites. Watched him do his job on an unsuspecting crowd at a joint on Main Street where he took everyone prisoner. Though it’s always tough to reach out and hold an audience with stuff they haven’t already heard before, this is what he does for a living. They never really stood a chance.”

“This Canadian-born neo-folk singer is either a genius of timing or a shameless opportunist. His latest CD, American Dreams, comes with Old Glory splayed across the cover and contains Dylan-esque devotions to Lady Liberty and the American way. Oddly enough, the formula mostly works, with Rylett summoning Springsteen's angst and Shawn Mullins' habit of half-talking through his art. (Tray Butler) ”

“One of the finest interpreters of life's human condition in the 21st century; with gravelly emotional transfer like no other, and remarkable wit of a nowadays Mark Twain... ”

"Bob Rylett is a walking jukebox!" John Lucas The Georgia Straight

“You know what Bob, "On a Delicate Moon" is a masterpiece. The lyrics are so strong, quite Dylanesque really and your vocals are top drawer and you sound incredibly like David Gray in this particular song. You're such an amazing talent, there's got to be a bright future in store for you my friend. Best wishes~ Paul and Eamon ”

"Delicate Moon" nice easy rythem and cool vocals play along great with the fiddle. Kinda got a good-time country feel and makes for some real good driving music. Good tune folks (clapping!!!)

“Whether by plane, train, roadster, chuck wagon or on horseback, this is the travelin playlist you'll need for the trip. Bob Rylett makes music for the soul. Evocative storytelling coupled with a smooth, husky voice that says, "Pleased to meet you." I'll have another round... ”

“Bob Rylett is smooth as silk. Great songwriting. Very warm and soulful sound. What a voice! He's got some of that Mellencamp Americana in there. Just listen to the "Baby I'm wrong" pleas in "On a Delicate Moon." "Ridin the Soul' gives us a swingin bluesy number with the Mark Knopfler twang influence comin to the fore. Great stuff from a pro with real star potential.”

“Talk about nailing it all in one song! Holy Moses, I first heard this song once a year ago and I STILL remember it....powerful, profound stuff.....a sad statement....a TRUE statement. sstunesmith on These Days They Move Apocalyptically”

“6/9/2012 Got it! Love it! get your today. "Moon" is pure professional gold. Bob has surrounded himself with all the right peolpe in bringing this CD to life. Kudos to all of them listed above. Great works. roymuniz of reno nevada”

"Every once in a while an artist emerges who makes music for its own sake and, thankfully, shares it with the rest of us. And when it's good, you listen — and listen again. Independent, unexpected, talented and relevant, Bob Rylett is one of these artists. A writer for our troubled times, Bob is a skilled storyteller — observant, insightful, witty, engaging — artfully narrating and singing to life unvarnished tales of pain and pleasure, confusion and clarity. With a sympathy and generosity of spirit one seldom encounters, Bob writes songs that reveal our strengths and weaknesses and capture our grit and determination.

“These days are all about the great indepentdent Artists. I have a very hard time listening to commercial music. Here we have in Bob Rylett all that is great on the indie field. He is an all star, a professional, plainly put Bob is a songwriters songwriter...inspirationally speaking.”