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“I like to think because I’m not 19, I can reflect on things in a different way through life’s experiences. One European reviewer said, “It’s obvious you’re not 19, no one 19 could write the songs you’re writing; the songs are complex about love, human emotion and the purpose of life.” I’m most interested in what someone has to say, that’s what excites me and that’s what I’ve gotten from fans. I’ve always said if you write great songs people can really relate to, then that’s the key, so I kind of live by that motto.”

"A songwriter of myriad dimensions who knows the value of a strong memorable chorus,Pressner makes each recording fresh and dynamic...

“Bob Pressner returns in 2010 with Honor Among Thieves, a song cycle driven by his double life as a commodities trader and a working musician. While working in New York City in 1993, Pressner was injured in the World Trade Center bombing; an experience that drove him to pursue his musical interests with greater passion.”

"Bob Pressner is a singer not hunting for the glory and fame but a singer who sings from his soul and heart. He's a singer who sings with emotion and he can make you smile or make you cry or can even make you sing...best singer -songwriter in the universe, an emotional guy... A friendly man and person who makes you believe in heaven..ladies and gentlemen, Bob Pressner

Genevive Needham - Fan Comment

"Most songwriters would give a lifetime and their right arm to write a song like angels in the wind"

European Review

“Bob Pressner makes his living on the meat and potatoes of classic rock music.”