Bob Oldreive / Press

“Sugar Bayou / Dance Hall Incident (Spare Parts) Country Where has this band been hiding? Though most of this group having been playing over 10 years, this is their first CD release. A multi-versatile team of 5 stellar musicians, they excel in each genre that they try. Billing themselves as an eclectic acoustic Americana group, Sugar Bayou shine on this collection of 16 swing, folk, bluegrass, country, blues, and jazz numbers. April Rapier is 1 of a trio of lead vocalists, and has worked as a demo singer for 10 years in Nashville. Listening to all 16 tracks from this album was a treat and I advise other programmers to give this a trial in advance to figure which cuts work best for your show. Favorites. A 4 STAR album. ”

“Continously I’m asked just what is Americana music. Well, this second album by this eclectic Texas-based outfit is probably the best example. A rich amalgam of bluegrass, country, folk, blues, swing, jazz and everything between. It all adds up to a most enjoyable and fulfilling musical feast.”

“The chemistry sparkles throughout Dance Hall Incident, which stands tall amid the year's best local releases. It's a surprising, vibrant collection of instrumentation and thoughtful vocals.”