Bobo Golem Bobogolem Soylent~Greenberg / Press

“I don't meditate because scary stuff like this happens...”

"Bobo pulls another beaut out of his bottomless and artistic chapeau!"

"with this charisma, who needs friends and family"

"Bobo Golem strikes again and really outdoes himself..."

"Go-go-go bobo! Your a traveler who visits our dreams and puts them on paper. This is simply mesmerizing!"

"This is what 6 million years of evolution looks like (on the inside)... "

"another breathtaking peak into the unconscious of Bobo Golem Soylent Greennberg..."

"wtf?!? how is this terrible song EVERYWHERE and Pope Bobo never hit the top 40?!?!?!?!?" (This is a fan's defense of me in reaction to the song, "Hey Soul Sister" by Train)

Devo37 - ronfez.net

“Check out Bobo's new song "Gonna Build Me a Graveyard of My Own" - eerie, gorgeous blues, reminds me just a bit of the late, lamented Gun Club. ”

Gretl D Rasmussen - facebook

“This guy is magical!”

A Tourist - The Vegas Strip

"Is that a bong?" or the alternative, "Is that a mandolin?"

“You are the punkest of rock!”

"The highlight of the schedule surely will be Saturday's 11:50 p.m. showing of "Der Golem," a 1920 silent movie. Musician Bobogolem will provide a live score, playing upright bass, banjo, violin and theremin, among other instruments."