Bob Menzies / Press

“And here on my desk this week sits album No.3 from Bob Menzies entitled ‘Citizens of Nashville‘; A man who has won me over not just by being a great songwriter but by being a prolific one. By improving his muse every time he steps foot in the studio he has turned baby steps into giant leaps. He doesn’t stop traveling – physically and musically. And it allows him more fodder for his restless mind. For his latest outing he has gone directly to Nashville to punch up his latent country leanings and folk storytelling. On board are Eddie Bayers (drums), Kelly Back (electric guitar), Howard ‘The Duckman’ Duck (keyboards), Scotty Sanders (pedal steel, dobro), Kevin ‘Swine’ Grantt (bass) and Mike Rojas (keyboards, organ). Add Bob’s own acoustic guitar playing prowess and vibrant vocals and you’ve got a hot combination before the first notes are even played. A great album of songs it is, too, courtesy of Nashville producer/musician Larry Beaird (Dolly Parton, Billy Dean, Mar”

“Meanwhile, there are still artists who are heaving into their twilight with as much grace as they can muster in a world obsessed with youth and yoga pants. This week I received a great new CD from Bob Menzies of Toronto. I must admit that I didn’t know what to expect from a guy who has been a world traveler doing the work of Everyman and finally settling down in his prime to produce a fantastic debut album nearly a year in the production – but a lifetime in the writing. Generally, I don’t go much for Dylanesque artists, but Bob (Menzies) has shaken me out of my dislike for the Mumbling One by not only articulating with a strong and confident voice, but writing songs that are relatable and accessible to any listener. Menzies also delivers the tunes with a slight country edge as slide guitars permeate many tracks. The disc is heartfelt and stand-out tracks include “Hey Now Joe” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1QAZa4lNcU, “Bitter Wind” (which should be sent to radio pront”

“Experience imbues Bob Menzies’ songwriting with a rare generosity of spirit tempered with the kind of worldly wisdom that can neither be bought nor faked. And then there’s the voice – utterly free of artifice or affectation, it’s as sturdy and honest as a well-worn pair of work boots, the kind of voice that seems to tell its own stories of life and love, quite apart from the song at hand. Breaking Time is a remarkable collection of folk-rock gems, some anthemic, some quietly affecting, but all delivered with unwavering passion and unquestionable commitment. With songwriting reminiscent of the likes of Dylan and Hiatt, excellent sound, superb musicianship, Breaking Time is a collection well worth spending time with! ”

“brilliant, tight, rockin tough songs you're making here Bob..just love that "river moon" lyric and Springsteen-like vocal, and really got hooked on you with the tough, driving force of "sailor song"..your style really reminds me of a full-throated cawl and wild of a Scottish folk traditionalist, but drenched in the rich, eclectic melodies of American folk and rock. Quite a wonderful playlist to sit back and soak up. ”

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