Bob Ferguson Songwriter / Press

“GGMF Testimonial bro \m/ 'The Thankerton Guru himself! Bob Ferguson/The Parody Man is a superb and diverse act of laughs, gags, folk and mornings after reliving the night before with catchy liners stuck in your head! Good times and good banter for everybody.'”

“Mr Ferguson. What a great night we had. Even the stag boys stayd till the end. Reports came in about people singing along with us Two hundred yards away way up the road. Great show, thanks a million and i look forward to meet and sing along with you again soon. Peter and the crew at O'Ceallaigh.”

Peter Kelly - O'Ceallaighs

“Bob, you were truly amazing at Niall and Shannon's wedding. Everyone saying best wedding ever. Such great fun. How we sang, danced and what a party !!! Incredible atmosphere. I would recommend you to everyone. Thank you Robert x”

Catherine Welsh - Niall and Sharon's Wedding

“ Great idea Bob, and we can't really come to any agreed conclusions. We were listening on the tourbus coming back from our Aviemore shows. Looks like the result is: I Am Easy Glasgow Boys Taken By The Gold Your brothers aye, The Trybe”

Trybe - The Trybe Scotland

“Greetings Bob I liked I Will Never Marry A Soldier, Heavein Haul Away, The Glasgow Boys the best. FWIW Tony”

Tony - Tony Seo USA

“ heavein haul away - sounds like an american folk sea shanty ... best wishes andrew”

Andrew - Andrew Scotland

“I liked - I will never marry a soldier; bonnie lass and peaceful waters the best - blessings Marlene”

Marlene - Marlene USA

“I can do that. I really like Oh Where Are You My Love. Sounds like things are really going well for you, I am very happy about that. Thanks again for the great music. Keep me posted Cheers Marilyn”

Marilyn - Marilyn USA

“Have you just deletet some songs from you site? I was just listening to them to hear witch one was the best and to pick one of them out!!! How is it going with the songs? Actualy there is two I like very much (I never will marry a soldier) and (I am easy) Mette from Børkop!!!”

mette - Mette Denmark

“Hi bob,have listened to all the songs.they all deserve to be on cd but the 3 I do like are shield of light,I never will marry a soldier and I am easy.all great tracks in there own right.best wishes,kev.”

Kev - Kev

“Bob you have a fantastic voice and a wonderful style. I would love to play you on my other passion which is AiiRadio.net check it out. doesn't cost you nowt and is a great way to get yourself heard to a good audience.”

Andy John Bradford - AiiRadio.net

“Hi Bob, I have just been listening to your songs and to tell you the truth it has been hard to pick which three I liked best but here goes (I'l probably change my mind after hitting the send button) I am Easy Heave in Haul Away Peaceful Waters. Keep up the good work Cheers Ian”

Ian - Ian Robertson Scotland

“Thanks for the .friend request, It is a pleasure...I have just enjoyed listening to your great music. i especially liked "Soldier of Peace". I shall look you up on reverbnation too...Best wishes with everything. Peace. Sue. ”

Sue Trickey - Sue Trickey Myspace artist

“Hi Bob, Thanks for the request. What a wonderful music and voice!!!! Best wishes from Holland. ”

Monique - Monique W