bobbywayne / Press

“Excellent guitar work and style. Love it.”

Artist Jacquescoley

“Really smooth and cool track. As always you create some of the best smooth jazz guitar compositions I've heard. Love it.... ”

SoundClick Artist "Ascenzion"

“Hi Bobby! from Australia nice playing!”

Artist Urban Gypsies

“You have a signature style that reads as a musical love poem for true jazz. Not much else words can say, I am speechless... Your playing takes the listener on melodius ride and submerges them in a pool of liquid jazz...”

SoundClick Artist "Studio J"

“Only the Night. Absorbed and thankfully currently trapped in a chaise-longue Bobbywayne!”

Fan Cinderz

“I like the way "What little we know" makes me feel. Keep the good feelings coming!”

Artist Tommy Black

“Just perfect my friend - Bloody marvellous in fact!!!! I love your guitar explorations. ”

SoundClick Artist "Paul Mcilwaine"

“Very good tunes & playing Bobby! Wishing you all the best.”

Artist Andrew Austin

“I'm over here GROOVIN to the heavenly tones of none other than bobbywayne! I can just put it on and let it play. I have heard a one that doesn't make me stop, close my eyes and wander off into your musical world. Puts me in the mind of some Pat Metheny (who I adored for many many years). This is really great stuff B... Great stuff indeed for a friday night relaxing.. ”

SoundClick Artitst "Mr Grant"

“Nice sound & nice guitar !!_Katsumi :o)”

Artist Katsumi Yoshihara

“Hi bobbywayne, Really enjoying your music, I'm in the Grand Canyon right now...Beautiful!”

Artist James Ferris

“About track "Tell me More" - Sweet ride! Cool changes and so many neat tones. Surprises. Great playing and really nice mix. I especially liked the tone and lead at 2:30. Love how the whole song refuses to be rushed. The keys are like a willow in the wind. Excellent. ”

SoundClick Artitst "Pinecats"

“Hey bobbyWayne,..You got some great tunes here. Love" Six Reasons To Stay"....Awesome arrangements.”

Artist Phigroa

“Very beautiful arrangements and emotional guitar work!”

Artist - David Ghostlaw

“Throughout my travels on SC, I have yet to come across a jazz artist that expresses his/her talents so beautifully through their music as you. Your signature sound exemplifies the contemporary jazz guitarist. "Only the night" is another example of your genius as a jazz virtuoso. ”

SoundClick Artist "Ascenzion"

“Once again, one of the smoothest arrangements and performances a listener could hope to encounter...Kudos Mr. Wayne.”

SoundClick Artist "Kerry Martin