Bobby shoes / Press

“Sliced Strawberries and Champagne is what this guy is all about. High class. Jet planes. Money. Gold. Whiskey. The whole 11 yards.”

“Mustache rides and mustard massages can't even top this”

“I thought my nuts were gonna freeze and fall off when I stepped into his liquor freezer! I had to thaw them out in his gold plated hot tub! Only a king lives like this...”

MTV Cribs

“If there is any one who knows how to have a wet dream it's this guy. He lives a wet dream. Around the clock ejaculating leaves you speculating when does he eat or sleep?!?”

TRL - Carson Daily

“If it wasn't for Exit 380 I'd never get laid”


“I did it all for the Bordo. The Bordo. So you could take that wardrobe and stick it up your YEAH, stick it up your YEAH”

“You gotta meet Exit 380's Dallas Rob. You'll be a fan for life.”