Bobby Mack - Texas Blues Guitar / Press

“As the 100 Club began to resemble a Texas roadhouse, Mack responded by playing the guitar behind his neck and then behind his back. If the night had been a little longer he’d have probably ended up by picking out tunes with his teeth. For an artist who has been named Texas Music Ambassador to the World by the Texas Senate (the title, says Mack wowed then in Japan), he proved to have all the right credentials.”

John Clarke - London Times

“The usual winning Texas bluesman formula is here again– hot and sweaty guitar-pickin’ with that easily identifiable Texas flavor, natural smooth vocals, a killer band, and top notch original music. So, Mack has got everything he needs to be a bona-fide star; he can sing, play and write, and he’s been on the Texas scene for over 20 years. It sure sounds like his time is here.”

West Coast Blues Review

““His fast opening number moved with the power and pace of a freight train and had this fan comparing the music to the exhilaration felt when I first put my head out of the window of a moving car.” John Pilley, Rip It Up – New Zealand”

John Pilley - Rip It Up

““From Texas blues, to Rock n’ Roll, to searing slide guitar, Bobby Mack has joined the ranks of the world’s great guitarists.” Scott Smith, Austin Music Critic”

Scott Smith - Austin Music Critic

““Those guys cook so good I think I actually put on weight while listening.” Steve Keller – Buddy Magazine”

Steve Keller - Buddy Magazine

““Mack and his band play rhythm and blues and Texas-style rock which is a searing and at the same time sultry sound of hot Texas winds, steamy nights and smokey South Texas Road Houses.” Dallas Observer”

Dallas Observer