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“Blues soloist Bobby G life of music By Greg Sessoms * Correspondent Gilbert's sound, with its intricate chord progressions and frenetic pace, brings to mind guitar originals such as Carlos Santana and J.J. Cale. He plays with an efficiency and ease of motion that almost seems at odds with the torrent of notes screaming out of the amp, and can only be the product of decades of experience.He met the manager for the band Frijid Pink, who had a big hit with their cover of 'House of the Rising Sun' and started playing in their band. He stayed with them for four years and basically got to tour the world. He has appeared and toured with such musical greats as B.B. King and Buddy Guy. He also performed at AC/DC lead singer Bryan Johnson's 50th birthday party. Gilbert now resides near Bethel in Haywood County and continues to tour the World as a solo act as well as play a few shows locally where you can hear Gilbert's impressive talent as a world-class blues guitarist. ”