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“Tune into PBS Channel 12 tonight at 9pm for the www.wkrpradio.com Pirate Radio TV show featuring the giggly teen goodness of Be Brave and the looping genius of Bobby Doran Music.”

“Bobby Doran Kills It On 303 Pirate Radio / WKRP Radio”

“Q. What inspires your art? A. I believe that art is inspired by the senses. Sound, sight, emotion, etc. I take the things that effect me the most, and channel into words and music. My music is influenced by the people I meet, the life experiences I face, basically life itself. Life can be simple, life can be complicated, writing music has always been an amazing outlet to lay everything out on the table and make a statement.”

""Bad Reputation" made it's debut on Colorado Sound & Radio"

“Bobby Doran chosen as Weekly Indie's featured artist. "Bad Reputation" featured.”

"A great young artist with definite hit potential"

J. Erik Dyce - Bobby Doran Music

"In a city that produced the likes of The Fray, 3Oh3!, One Republic, and Flobots...it would be no surprise to see this artist catapulted to the same heights"

"He is no fluke, in fact Bobby is Colorado Springs "Best Kept Secret", with the gravely soulful voice with which Bobby Drips sexy melodies with honest heartfelt lyrics."

Eric - Colorado Springs Nightlife 411

“Production of the Debut Album underway at Monument Sound Studios. Visit their RN page!”

“Download exclusive Ringtones - click onto the Bobby Doran RN Store!”

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