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“There is no one quite like Bobb Trimble in the world of rock n roll. His vision is very deep, personal, and absolutely original with a strong outsider, late night feel. While his music was totally out of sync with the times, Bobb waved the psych flag high and proud and managed to find an audience among 60s record collectors”

“'Harvest of Dreams' is rated by most as the best psych LP of the 1980s. One of those obscurities (like Fraction) that blows even non-psych fans away... The total impact is like walking around in one of Bobb's dreams. Melancholic, moving but also hopeful - an essential experience.”

“It really has to be heard to be explained. It doesn't come much 'realer' than this.”

“I will make the bold claim that Bobb Trimble's [first] two albums are the best self-released albums of not just the '80s, and not just the psych genre, but possibly in all of rock”

“We're the Crippled Pink Band...we're from Wormtown!”

Ariel Pink - onstage in Boston, referring to Bobb's old group The Crippled Dog Band

“Incredible, multi-layered late night listening of the highest order... Without its few contemporary style-nods, you would bever guess ['Harvest of Dreams'] was originally released in 1982. One of the decade's best albums, filled with a mysterious charm that grows with each listen.”

“Maybe you don't know it yet, but (IF you buy these Bobb Trimble albums) you have just been handed the key to a secret realm, an alternate rock n' roll universe of dark despair, fragile hope, and gossamer beauty, a haunting personal soundworld that will always stay with you, within you...”

“...A truly timeless experience, an achievement which places his 'Iron Curtain Innocence' (1980) and 'Harvest of Dreams' (1982) among the most highly rated of all modern psych albums... [these 2 albums] stand as a superbly gifted finale for the first psychedelic rock era, which lasted more than a decade longer than Rolling Stone imagined.”

“['Iron Curtain Innocence' and 'Harvest of Dreams' are] easily among the most intriguing rediscoveries of the decade, and necessary listening for anyone fascinated by the brink of human emotions, and subsequently accustomed to meeting music on the musician’s oftentimes peculiar terms”

“There is no album I own that has as much emotional complexity and depth as 'Harvest of Dreams'”

“['Harvest of Dreams' is] hard to describe in so few words, but no less an unparalled classic of the psychedelic canon”

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“One of the most bewitching and genuinely outside broadcasts in modern private press history, the twin set of LPs cut by New England resident Bobb Trimble in the early 80s remain unclassifiable in terms of virtually anything else going on in or outside of the decade in which they were cut... Trimble was a visionary and arranger on a scale with Skip Spence, Brian Wilson and Blonde On Blonde-era Dylan... Highly recommended”

“[Pitchfork album reviews for 'Iron Curtain Innocence' and 'Harvest of Dreams']”

“Trimble's music is so intriguing because it sounds like nothing of its time or his influences. The songs are laced with off-kilter found sound and experimental recording techniques and topped by Trimble's high-lonesome voice, which, though a little twee and mannered, recalls Elliott Smith's sweet fragility”

“Multilayered voices unlike any you have ever heard... brooding and dark head music flowing into shimmering beautiful fragile glimpses from real life. The feeling is overpowering & the music is ageless. Otherworldly yet breathing with life”

Forced Exposure Mailorder Catalog, 1995