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Andras Fekete's six-guitar "maximal minimalist" collective BOAT BURNING plays an intricate hybrid of composition and improvisation for massed electric guitars, where simple passages performed on a profusion of instruments -often 70 or more guitars- produce shimmering towers of densely-stacked harmonics. The result is powerful, evocative music that combines the majestic sweep of classical with the sheer physical thrall of punk.

Formed 2008 in Chapel Hill NC's roiling experimental music scene, Fekete relocated the project to the U.S. capital in 2011 to take part in the District's exploding musical renaissance. Since then, Boat Burning has attracted an astonishing array of collaborators from both cities.

Recent performances include "Music For 70 Guitars" (a fundraiser for public school music programs, where the band scaled up to nearly 80 instruments), an outdoor performance in downtown DC for the Fringe Music In The Library series, opening for Mission Of Burma in Philadelphia, closing Sonic Circuits Festival 2015 with Austrian violinist Mia Zabelka, and opening for protopunk legends Rocket From The Tombs.

Boat Burning debut album will be released in 2016.

[1] = core ensemble; [2] = guest; [3] = alumnus; [4] = massed-guitar performance
Andras Fekete gtr, tape, composer, conductor [1] [4]
Jonathan Matis (Dc Improvisers Collective, Low End String Quartet) gtr, composer, conductor [1, 4]
Mark Sherman drums [1,4]
Robin Diamond gtr, keys, vocals, composer, conductor [1,4]
Phong Tran [1,4] (Halo Valley) gtr
Geordie Grindle (Teen Idles, TONE, The Charm Offensive) gtr, composer [1,4]
Norm Veenstra (TONE) [1,4] gtr

Mark Kapeluck (Columbia String Quartet) violin [3,4]
David Rabin (Columbia String Quartet) cello [3,4]
Ken Friedman (Thee Dirtybeats) drums [3]
Pete Gamble (Killer Filler) gtr [3]
Joshua Starmer (The Star Makers, Birds and Arrows, The Old Ceremony) cello [3]
Deborah Aronin (Triangle Rhysing) cello [3,4]

Sam Lohman (Trio OOO) drums [2]
Mia Zabelka violin [2]
Jeff Barsky (Insect Factory, The Plums) gtr [2,4]
Martha Hamliton (The Plums) gtr [2,4]
David Sausser drums [2]
Crowmeat Bob Pence (Savage Knights, The New Romans) gtr [2,4]
Kurt Nemes (Classical Music Almanac) gtr [2,4]
Ian Kleinfeld drums [2]
Bruce E. Stevens gtr [2,4]
Tim Carless (solo artist, Wreckless Eric) gtr [2,4]
Berkeley Grimball (The Carrbros) sax, bass clarinet [2]
Brad Newell (Butter) gtr [2,4]
Ted Johnson (Studio 713, Dreamphonic, National Holographic) gtr [2,4]
Mark Murphy (The Straight 8's) drums [2]
Andrew Meadors (Thee Dirtybeats) turntables [2]
Jon Camp gtr [2,4]
Rob Beloved (Beloved Binge) gtr [2]
Eleni Vlachos (Beloved Binge) drums [2].

Additional [4] (see complete list at http://tinyurl.com/boatburning-info ):

Aaron Smithers (Hem Of His Garment, In The Year Of The Pig)
Adrian Erlinger (Sligo Creek Stompers) lap steel guitar
Alec Ferrell (Hog)
Alex Maiolo (Fan Modine, Violet Vector & The Lovely Lovelies, Tara Busch, Tim Sommer, Soft Company)
Alex Tebeleff (Paperhaus)
Ananth Batni (Dissonance) cello
Andy Shull (Fontana)
Anne Gomez (Blue-Green Gods, HMS Cervix, Cantwell Gomez & Jordan)
Antonio Acampora (Greenland, Middle Distance Runner, Raw Poetic)
Arlene Sparacia (Neurovine, HR-lexy) gtr + vocals
Asher Meerovich (Tomato Dodgers)
Betsy Shane (Pink Flag)
Bob Wall (Le Weekend, Erie Choir, Hotel Motel)
Boris Milic
Braulio Agnese (Dupont Underground)
Brian John Mitchell (Remora, Vlor, Small Life Form, Silber Records)
Brian Olexy (The Buzz, Chris Monaghan, Nashville Rooms)
Brian Porter (Imperial China)
Brian Shaw (The Mark Tobeys, Felix the Drum Machine)
Carni Klirs (Fell Types)
Charles Andrews (Tone, Night Streets)
Charles Bills (Escape Point, CHuRT)
Cheetie Kumar (Birds of Avalon)
Chris Powers (The Spacemen)
Chris Rossi (The Wusses)
Chris Williams (Maple Stave, Natural Gallerie)
Corbie Hill (Alpha Cop, Where The Buffalo Roamed)
Daniel Kelo (Nodsense, Kelo)
Dave Jones (The Caribbean)
Dave Yarwood (Antibubbles, No Love)
Declan Enright (Dissonance)
Desmond Mullen (Gentle Robot)
Donald Seale (Mittenfields)
E. Matthew Cash (The White Cascade)
Eddie Rivers (Paperhaus, Bibliotek)
Emily Francisco (sculptress & sound artist) prepared piano, tuned violin
Fikri Yucel (Veronique Diabolique)
Gabriel Fry (The Mean Ideas, The NRIs)
Garrett Gleason (Cartoon Weapons, Hashima Machine, Gentle Men)
Greg Elkins (Vanilla Trainwreck, Starmount)
Greg Grendron (Light Arms, Sun Machines, Ragnapop!)
Gustavo Vargas (Chaski, Raymi, Kantati Los Andes, TONE)
Guy Taylor
Harrison Lee (Ships, The Warehouse Voices)
Holden Richards (Holden Richards)
Ian Mccolm (Nagual, I.G.M)
J Forté (The Buzz, Sun Machines, Light Arms)
James Reichard (Cult of the Void)
Jamie Green (Greenland)F
Jamie McLendon (Dom Casual, Thee Dirtybeats)
Jess Edison (Once & Future Kings)
Jim Dennis (Groove Stream Attractor, The Music Loft)
Jimmy Thompson (North Elementary, Debonzo Brothers)
Joe Mazzitelli (I Was Totally Destroying It, Minor Stars)
John Harrison (North Elementary)
John Howard (The Plums, Nice Breeze) drums
John Kamman (Afro Jazz Explosion, Grace Chung/John Kamman Duo, Lewine/Kamman Xtet)
John Masters (Harness Flux, The Cheniers, Metropolitan)
Jon Dawson (Third Of Never)
Josh Zaslow (Bir Strobino & Zaslow)
Kaitlin Grady (Once and Future Kings, Saints Apollo) cello
Keith Sinzinger (Fast Forty, STYLUS)
Ken Bowers (Vanilla Trainwreck, Spindale)
Kieran Dollemore (Holy Crust)
Kirk Ross (LUD)
Kurt Nemes (Classical Music Almanac)
Kyle Long (The Spacemen)
Lalitree Darnielle (Cloudlines)
Lincoln Hancock (Horseback, Heads on Sticks)
Luke Stewart (Ooo, Laughing Man, Mom^2)
Lynn Rubin vocals
Margaret Moorefield (Alpha Cop)
Maria Brubeck (Shipwrecker) drums
Mark Cooley (Gut Head)
Martha Hamilton (The Plums)
...and many more ( see full list at http://tinyurl.com/boatburning-info )

General Info

Band Members
Andras Fekete, Mark Kapeluck, Mark Sherman, Dave Rabin; FORMER MEMBERS Pete Gamble, Josh Starmer, Ken Friedman, Deborah Aronin
Artist Name
Boat Burning
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Experimental / Psychedelia / Massed Guitars

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Washington, DC

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