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“No lie…it’s nearly 5am here in Ottawa, Ontario…and what I needed was some musical-fuel to stoke my fire in effort to keep me awake just a little bit longer. So I pulled out the big-guns…some singles collected from the upcoming release called Deep Into Blue – and low and behold I found that extra gear to at least run through the three-singles I had several times before I eventually called it a night. The music kept me awake, I made it til about 7am or so – these are three completely solid-tunes, but my brain still wasn’t functional enough to get a single word onto the page! So yes…as you’ve noticed…unless you’re in the UK, this probably didn’t come out anywhere close to 7am…I made sure to get some sleep in effort to bring a few coherent statements about for their upcoming release.”

“I’m more than stoked to have these Boston Alt/Rockers back on the platform. It’s a treat and very much a privilege, because when I reviewed Blue Moon Harem earlier this year (you can find it in the Review Archives), I only had their single “Lie” to work with, an amazing song from their upcoming album Deep Into Blue, which made me yearn for more of this band. I guess I got my wish. And chances are if you read the first review and listened to “Lie” as well, then you did as well! Now we’re onto two more songs from the upcoming album, and just like I anticipated, these ones are just as mind-blowing. Deep Into Blue is definitely on my list of most anticipated albums of 2016, and now I’m armed with two more tracks to prove why.”

“Blue Moon Harem has recently completed their 3rd studio album, “Deep Into Blue” (Release Date is still TBA) featuring the singles, “Lie” and “My Front Door” of which we caught a preview, including the track “Lucky”. To be honest since I heard the single “Lie” about two months back, this has become one of my favorite bands, and they do not disappoint here at all – Very catchy stuff as usual and top notch musicianship all-round. Blue Moon Harem Blue Moon Harem In fact I would purchase any Blue Moon Harem stuff just for Jonathan Bix’s vocals alone, which means no disrespect to this extremely professional band, but no-one would deny that Bix has one of the catchiest and most emotional voices in under-the-radar rock!”

“...fans of Live, Third Day, and Jars of Clay will adore Blue Moon Harem’s latest release, Finland. The album mixes prog rock with a slight country sway in vocals in a majority of the album tracks but the band also takes off in flights of more aggressive fronts that border hard rock. This is very radio friendly stuff but hardly fluff. I could listen to the album several times and never come to the conclusion that maybe BMH are trying top hard to keep it safe...Jonathan Bix has a wonderful voice that shows range and skill that makes every track a real pleasure to listen to. I can see other bands...who would attempt this particular sound and simply come off a bit phony. Bix’s vocals are sincere and delivered with a powerhouse performance that gives vindication to the album’s lyrics...For me there wasn’t one track on the album that I feel it could have gone without...your more then likely going to be in love with this album as much as I am. Definitely worth checking out. ”

“Blue Moon Harem,"Finland" (Roadside Records) Blue Moon Harem is a Boston based, pop/rock, acoustic/electric band that is as familiar and friendly to the ear as Hootie & the Blowfish or Darius Ruckers solo outings into country/pop. The band was formed by singer/songwriter Jonathan Bix and guitarist Demetri J over a decade ago. This 11 song cd titled “Finland” is the product of a lot of time and effort and it’s a disc I’m sure they’re proud of. It’s a very radio friendly album with mass appeal potential. “Stay”, “The Dotted Line” and “Shadows” are my favorite tracks but there’s really not a weak track on the whole album. Buy the cd, your girlfriend will love you for it. www.bluemoonharem.com Rating: Review by J.R. Oliver ”

“Remarkable from the start is the breadth and strength of Jonathon Bix's vocal presence, but also the arrangements and partner Demetri Joannou's versatile guitar work. Add to this the fine production and you have crisp, clear, and interesting collection of tunes”

“BLUE MOON HAREM "FINLAND" Exploding into the jangly support of “Stay,” this latest album from Blue Moon Harem makes the listener want to follow their musical directives for the better part of this better-than-most album. From the gritty hush of “Give and Take,” the acoustically exposing “Here I Am,” the light Pop of “I See Red” and the jam band-y groove of “Beautiful Danger” to the anthemic bouncer “Dotted Line” and the haunting howls of the shivery title track, the diversity of sounds on this 11-track album impresses and intrigues. Far from the Monty Python classic of the same name, this “Finland” is a serious set that travels far and wide on broad musical wings supported by the dynamic duo of Jonathan Bix and Demetri J. and their talented team of sessioners. Professionally produced by Jim Siegel at The Outpost in Stoughton, “Finalnd” is a well-devised and well-delivered package that takes listeners far away and yet is rooted in solid songwriting”

“FINALLY SOMETHING NEW AND AUTHENTIC! From the moment I put this CD on I was blown away. Simply amzing. Superior musicanship and sound quality makes this cd a must have.the songs are extremely catchy yet never cheesy..I cant say enough about how cool this disk is. With proper promotion, this CD should sell millions of copies...Thank you Blue Moon Harem for a job well done. ”