Blvd Park / Press

"Musicality flows like sweet honey from Blvd Park. You should buy the album just for 'Whistle Song' – it could be a cross between bluegrass and Spike Jones. The influences and nuances are many, but the one thing that is very cool is how they must listen to each other. 'Original' does not begin to capture the vibe that comes from this recording."

"One would be wise to keep a watchful eye on these 6 over the next few years."

Indie Music Digest 2012

"From start to finish The Sound from Blvd Park is an impressive catalogue of music. The music is very consistent, well-crafted and extremely entertaining. Writing and playing abilities of these 6 is rock solid. The melodies and harmonies are well crafted and the lyrical content is packed to the hilt with rich conventional wisdom."

Indie Music Digest 2012

“This “spaghetti western” acoustic ensemble’s formula and technology is simple, yet they achieve complex results, incorporating gospel, country, doo-wop, jazz, and klezmer elements. I just don’t have enough eclectic adjective glitter to sprinkle about this bunch.”

“After a short interlude, during which the audience milled about happily, ordering more drinks and chatting, Blvd Park piled onto the stage around half past ten. A packed house of friends and family surged toward the stage as they slowly, with rising intensity, flowed into their special blend of Folky Americana. Two months on tour have polished their sound to a mirror shine, and the audience responded with persistent cheering and whoops of glee. Even the miniscule stage could not stop the entire band, six in all, from frequently crowding to the edge of the apron to reach out and play as though they were trying to touch the audience with song. Blvd Park played for nearly two hours, closing down the bar, as the crowd hung onto every note.”