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““Floatin’ Through My Mind,” B. Blunt Watch your back, Lenny Kravitz. “Floatin’ Through My Mind” from D.C.’s B. Blunt serves up a grimy, greasy force field of electric guitars, as Blunt’s fervent vocals roar through the speakers like a sonic blowtorch. The accompanying videoclip, directed by Abeni Nazeer, charges the production with a slinky dollop of lusty wampole. One listen and a full body sweat is guaranteed.—CT Chuck Taylor has been an entertainment writer for 30 years, including more than a decade as a Senior Writer and Single Reviews Editor for Billboard magazine in New York. ”

“Haven’t heard anything from this man in quite awhile. So this video comes as a welcome and pleasant surprise.”

“Huge congrats to Brian Blunt, also known as B. Blunt, who won the competition opened for Jill Scott at the Budweiser Superfest on Sunday night.”

“B. Blunt's melodic renditions of Frank Sinatra paired with the flute player and bass guitar players are perfect compliments to your happy hour drinks and appetizers as you prepare to watch Monday Night Football on the big screens.”

“Washington DC-based singer/songwriter B.Blunt has been making beautiful music for years. And it’s no wonder. Son of one of the legendary Drifters (Joe Blunt), B.Blunt grew up with music permeating his life.”

“Blunt has the type of musical lineage and experience under his belt that most performers would never achieve in their entire career.”

“With the set-up a bit different from what one may consider a typical bands live performance, CoolFire performs without the beat of a drum set. But no worries, CoolFire still provides their audience with mellow sounds, soothing vocals, and an overall great vibe.”

““The best way to do something different is to be yourself. Cause there’s only one you. God only created one of each of us. So if we are ourselves, just by being ourselves we are unique. We stand out from everyone else.””