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"Blue Voodoo's song, "What Goes Around," receives airtime on 97.9 The LOOP.

97.9 The Loop - The Loop

“Blue Voodoo’s song, “Soul Worn Thin” receives airtime on 105.5 The KAT. ”

“There were a few classic rock slower jams by Aerosmith, Stones and Black Crowes, and many intensely crankin jams by Ted Nugent, Led Zeppelin, Joe Walsh, Blue Oyster Cult and Van Halen that feature famous guitar solos that were note for note perfection! They also played three of the most enduring crowd pleasers of all time, by AC/DC, "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution", "The Jack", and "Whole Lot of Rosie", the crowd went nuts on those.”

Goldie Rox - Chicagosrock.com

"Kelly has great stage presence, charisma, and an appealing voice that grabs your attention, and holds it. He appears at ease onstage with just the right mix of patter between songs, and good interaction with the audience…"

Goldie Rox - Chicagosrock.com