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“Great tune!!! [regarding The Tainted] To me it fells like the doors meets pink floyd with a little led zeppelin for a kick!!! It's a nice combo between the two. Great job on the album guys and cant wait for the second one!!! And anyone reading this, I encourage you to follow them on twitter @BlueVino.”

"Most Underrated band on Twitter"

“It's weird to see how people react to baritone vocals; you're immediately either Jim Morrison or Ian Anderson, but with all the synth washes, the overall product reminds me of sort of an ambient version of an '80s dance band like ABC or Human League, with some Pink Floyd sensibilities thrown in. Also, while you cop to not being a Pro Recording Studio Technician, the coherency of the mixes are pretty good, with not a lot of the gloppy frequency problems associated with the home ProTools recording. ”

“what I have heard so far sounds very atmospheric and heartfelt. I can hear lots of Jim Morrison influence, some Waits. What I also hear some of, intentional or not, is Captain Beefheart. And that's a good thing. I think your music fits loosely into the "outsider music" category, where there is a lot more freedom and fewer rules, which I think is what you are partly about.”

"...Its grunge, its pink floyd, its the doors, its EVERYTHING!" -Kristi, Bartender at the Fox Fire Lounge

Kristi - Fox Fire Lounge

"Imagine the Doors lived in a duplex next to Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd came over to jam one day, & Zappa heard them jammin from across the street & came over to join 'em. Then a knock on the door from none other than the Chairman of the Board himself, & he wants to join in for a song."

Warren Michaels - Drummer for Blue Vino

"...the best description I've heard so far: like Frank Zappa meets the Doors..."

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