'BlueTattoo' Blues Band / Press

“Coming up next is the ‘Blue Tattoo’ Blues Band’… (host Cora Price plays ‘Hen House’)… So that was the ‘Blue Tattoo’ Blues Band’ here on CIVL Radio 101.7 on the FM dial or CIVL.ca…broadcasting from Abbotsford…the University of the Fraser Valley…my name is Cora…and you’re listening to the ‘Boogety Shoe Blues Show'… thanks you so much for joining me today… * So the ‘Blue Tattoo Blues Band is from Victoria… There’s 'Klamp' Delaney…'Lonesome' Mac Galloway... Mike ‘Mighty’ Quinn…Don ‘Down-an-Out’ Restall... and ‘Danger’ Dan Beveridge… so they were playing for quite a while over in the Victoria area… if you get a chance to see them at some place Live… I would say go check it out…cause they are good!... Cora Price - CIVL Radio 101.7 FM / CIVL ca - The 'Boogety Blues Show'”

"On my promo I did mention that you should support Live music. This is a local band, done some recording, slipped me an MP3 on Sunday. They are called the ‘Blue Tattoo’ Blues Band, the song is called ‘Hen House’. it’s something that they are working on for an up coming album enjoy this!"... Jim Martens - CFUV 101.9 FM Blues in the Morning

“Since moving to Vancouver Island, we've noticed the abundance of blues players around here. There are a number of professional bands that go around the island playing at events, bars and basically every kind of event you can think of! The Blue Tattoo band plays some mean blues tunes all around the island. After reading a bio from each band member this band has a ton of experience under their belt so it makes sense on why their tunes are so polished already. Playing both cover tunes and originals these guys are sure to get your groove moving and your hips shaking! It puts a smile on my face seeing a keyboard player in the mix as well. Too many times I just see a four piece blues band around town but it adds such a new dynamic to have a keyboard. The vocals have a great amount of grit to them and some great dynamics. Some great guitar work as well as classic bass lines all tied together with real laid back drums create the sound of this versatile band.”

“It was a pleasure having 'Blue Tattoo' at the Father's day event, they all were awesome! Will pass 'Blue Tattoo's' name out to other events! ”

Carmen Barclay - Nanaimo Free Press