Blue Summerstar / Press

“Absolutely beautiful!”

"Orange Blossoms"..wow !! melted my heart :) simply stunning….


“you two are an awesome talent, your influences really shine in your composition & the original lyric themes & music stand on their own right, rock on!”

Greg Harry GA

“Amazing sounds! Calming melodies and wonderful vocals! Orange Blossoms is a true masterpiece! Reply”

Tassos Sotirakis, Composer, Nikaia GREECE

“I LOVE your music BIG TIME..its hauntingly beautiful and so very atmospheric. Gorgeous in every way.. I adore and love STONEHENGE RISING...you have captured this magical place in a song TOP CLASS.”

Steve Inglis RN

“¨GUINEVERE¨ this is a great song, so original and engaging. You guys got an awesome sound.”

Albert Bevia Segorbe, Spain

"BLUE LIGHT" is a perfection of art !!!!

Sharon Rachman, Rishon Le Zion, IL

“Guinevere has unexpected touches to it. That banjo sound amid the sweeping synth-orchestral sounds is fantastic.”

Tom Hedrick - RN

“Great magical sounds making my Monday!!! Truly Beautiful!! - Fefe ❤️”

Fefe ,Artist - RN

“For immediate release: The Band BLUE SUMMERSTAR and composers Luma Lor and Ocean Summer are WINNERS for BEST FILM SCORE in the category MUSIC AND FILM SCORE.”

“FUNNY LEMURIAN >>Incredible piano and transcending feel. You shine with excellency. Stay awesome. ”

Ashton Haze hawaii

“Beautiful and moving keyboard compositions with haunting melodies . A unique vocal quality with a great range. Perhaps this is what music was like in Lemuria and Atlantis.”

Mark Clarke Australia

“Simply Beautiful and Intricately Amazing, spectacular light and sound fused together to form Blue Summerstar,a duo thats the song of songs, Peace and World Love,”

Johnny, London, UK

"On September 19, 2009, Ocean and Luma Lor opened the United Nations International Day of Peace event in Denver, with a crystal bowl and vocal performance that prepared the space for prayers and meditations by five faith leaders from different world religions. This gathering was held at the large St. Cajetan's Center, and co-sponsored by seven nonprofits, including the United Nations Association of Colorado. Performances by other artists at the event represented many countries. There were African, Indian, Polish, and Chinese dance, Taiko drums from Japan, songs from the Middle East, and a powerful vocal presentation by artist Hazel Miller. The Hindu faith leader, octogenarian Manu Raval (who saw Mahatma Gandhi in person), compared the music of Ocean and Luma Lor to the great OM at the beginning of the Universe."

W. Forster, Dir

“Thank you so much for performing at World Peace One.”


“Blue Summerstar performed the most amazing concert at the 11:11:11, in Mt Shasta, SOLD OUT concerts and millions of people online. Historical. ”

11:11:11 publication

“ Wow,beautiful songs and fabulous voices!”

Tetsuya Tanaka , Japan

“I espesh enjoyed "Morning Dew," stunning track, vocals and piano gave me goosebumps!”

Jamie Connelly

“LOVIN Ur music; absolutely stunning, atmospheric & very creative mix of instrumentals & effects, every 1 of Ur tracks is brimming with power & emotion & powerful, effortless vocals!”

J Connolly London

“Ocean in "Funny Valentine" finally shows his true voice. I think he is one of the most outrageous singers ever.”

Luma Lor

“I love it when I get surprised by an artistic delivery that makes me stop and listen. Blue Summerstar did it to me. Amazing vocals. Your work transcends genres and pulled me in.”

B Mountain

“Beautiful rainbow of amazing colors of sound and musical shades of moods in your outstanding song "So Much Love"!!!”


“Your music is absolutely amazigs, from”

Dj Antonio Valencia, Spain

“Just bought morning Dew on iTunes,i play it all the time, thanks can wait to buy your album.”

SG a Fan

“Can't ignore those sensational vocals on "Morning Dew"..very much like the upper register of Anthony Hegarty, it seeks a vibrato and then rounds out to a clear, unbroken line that carries such emotional weight. It's beautiful and captivating. Great song too!”

MikeWhitePresents - RN

“Transcendent work...poetic, elegant and expansive, very delicious..”

Teo (Kim Merlino) - RN

"Soothing tunes. Kind of reminds me of the feeling I get being up early in the nature on a summers day. Crisp yet warm!"

Ergonormous - RN

"Intriguingly, outstandingly unique and marvelous, great artistic and spiritual merit, blessings of songful mornings and starlight nights"

Johnny Bonkers - RN

“The song "Morning Dew" is a beautiful Raw diamond”

a fan

“Extraordinary, phenomenal, outrageously multi-dimensional music”

Michael in Mt Shasta

"So Much Love" opens the heart, embodies the Violet Flame, a beautiful song to play over and over.


"Amazing talent, full of heart, emotion, and consciousness"


“Just Beautiful, Blue Summerstar are true stars”

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