Blue Sour / Press

“Blue Sour featured on Whotune's May Newsletter as Artist of the Month! Includes an interview...”

“Blue Sour selected Artist of the Month for May on Whotune!”

“Blue Sour selected to showcase at the 16th Annual Millenium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA! February 17th, 2012”

“To Shecky, Still Well Angel and Blue Sour; the Fame Wizard staff is proud of your work ethic, professionalism and accomplishments. Were here to support you 100% in reaching to the top. The three Artists mentioned above are well on their way, and gaining the attention of those with the networks and influence to shape careers in a positive way.”

"This is brilliant! This is what a good pop tune is, a pop/rock song; this is what it's made of. You always tell a good record when you bob in your head to it. Love it! That is a perfect tune, in all ways, right from the start, right to the end, that is perfect! Mission accomplished, I can now retire, I found the perfect tune!"

“Blue Sour selected to be aired on Off The Chart Radio, one of the UK's!! biggest online radios!! The show is this Saturday from 12 - 3 pm EST. Click the link below to vote for "Blue Sour - Days of Old" to get us played more than once!!!”

“Blue Sour comes in 1st place at the first round of the Battle of the Bands by Gorilla Music!!! On to the final round on October 9th! Also given the headlining slot based on ticket sales!”

“Blue Sour selected to compete at the next Battle of the Bands by Gorilla Music at The Crossroads, Garwood, NJ, on July 31!!”

“S.U.A.D. getting airplay on college radio stations...check out which ones are playing Blue Sour...click the following link”

“GROUP OF THE WEEK: If you like a strong groove, check out BLUE SOUR for some really well-written music:”

“Blue Sour made it onto the "Top 10 Up & Coming" list on NuMuBu!”

“Blue Sour is the "Featured Group of the Week" on NuMuBu! In their words: "Hey guys, great music!! Really enjoyed listening to it, and given the amount of music I've listened to, this is no trivial event...after listening to you guys, we decided to go ahead and give you the Group of the Week spot. We will also promote you on our Facebook (facebook.com/numubu) and Twitter accounts. Keep up the great work."”

“Shut Up and Dance, Beach Rockin' and more added to WhoTune Radio”

“Blue Sour is selected as a Featured Artist on WhoTune.”

"Hold the Reggae" obtains Platinum Auddy Award trophy, the highest score granted by uPlaya (www.uplaya.com)...