"I have known Frank Whitenack since 2009, when I first heard his band Blues Lightning play at the Gainesville Summer Arts Festival. I was blown away by their music- they have the experience to play extremely well, and the taste to play what the crowd doesn't always hear, but will love. I have since followed their music by coming to see the band play, and hiring them to play at my wedding. All of which they do exceptionally well. I have seen the best blues musicians, and was raised in a family of musicians and artist- so I know that Frank and his band are the cream of the crop. One example of Frank's integrity and dedication: at the Art Festival it was so boiling hot, and the band was playing outside for hours. Frank played straight through their set with absolute devotion, but it was only afterwards we learned that he needed medical attention for heat exhaustion. But there were no complaints from Frank, and he would have kept playing the rest of the day if they let him!