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“Blue Sky Drive is excited to make Unsigned Only 2013 Semi-Finalist for our summer love song, "Starlite'! ”

“Blue Sky Drive's Trish Sheldon Says: "The Scene Is Picking Up" It's always a thrill to find new Broward bands that are willing and able to write and record original music. In an area where cover bands rule, and different and daring groups are at a premium, original music immediately sets any outfit apart, especially when their material is good enough to elevate them to national status. One such band is Blue Sky Drive, a striking five-piece outfit that hails from Hollywood. Their eponymous debut EP is a sheer delight, one that deserves to reap immediate attention. Vocalist Tricia Sheldon, who originally started singing at piano bars in her native Cali, has the chops to suggest a long and successful career is on the way. Guitarists Lisa Cattoretti and John O'Neil, bassist Dean Robaina, and drummer Ryan Baker provide the musical muscle that makes these songs so striking right from the get-go.”

“With a record setting number of entries received (over 20,000), ISC 2012 was the most competitive year we've seen yet. If you've made the list of semi-finalists... congratulations! However, if you didn't make the cut this year, don't lose hope; with so many great entries received, narrowing it down to semi-finalists was truly a challenge. Best of luck to all of you with your future musical endeavors. Finalists will be selected from the list of semi-finalists, and announced at the end of this month, so stay tuned! ”

“This band BLUE SKY DRIVE put on a grand performance last night at the NATIVE FLORIDA TAP ROOM in DOWNTOWN HOLLYWOOD. I've been listening to their 4 song EP all morning. Sounds great in the car!. On the bill with them were THE HOLSTERED and BLACKHAWK AND THE NIGHTDRIVERS, both who delivered creative and adventurous set. Looking forward to hearing their releases. Go and out discover the great music we have here in South Florida.”

“Songwriters Showcase: Once upon a time, the 1990s to be exact, Broward County had a thriving rock scene, rife with clubs that booked only musicians who did not play cover songs. Tonight at the Native Florida Tap Room and Music Hall in Hollywood, some of that decade’s finest local songwriters will come together for an evening sure to offer nostalgia, but also evidence of these musicians’ continued vitality. Veterans Jim Wurster, Mark Dubin, Amy T. Baxter, Xela Zaid and Rimsky Pons will join relative newcomer Trish Sheldon. 8 p.m. NativeFlorida.net.”

"I feel you have some really nice ideas as a writer. There is a cool vibe in the music and within your vocal on both songs. I felt the strongest for this type of listing is the song, "Take My Hand." The song builds nicely and has a nice overall feel that could work well with what this listing is looking for"

"Strong song that features your engaging vocal performance. Good lyric imagery & storyline as well. Your Group certainly has a bright future to look forward to as best that I can tell after hearing 'Breakdown' today"

"VH1 Song of the Year songwriting contest has awarded Tricia Sheldon and Lisanne Cattoretti the Honorable Mention placement in the song contest for "Long to Be". Song of the Year receives entries from all over the world and only the top songwriters receive a Honorable Mention placement in the songwriting competition."

"Blue Sky Drive is a South Florida band that has just come charging over the indie artist and music horizon with a unique sound and blend of musical influences. If you're a country fan or alternative or even a pop music fan then this group of seasoned musicians will entertain you with the strong mix of ballads and freight train rocking tunes. My fav is "Breakdown". Give them a listen, I'm sure you will agree and follow them on their rise to stardom."

"There's another Dream Factory on the East Coast—Hollywood, Florida, from whence Blue Sky Drive hails, whose self-titled EP is a strong folk-rock offering. The disc comes pre-packaged with accolades—“Take My Hand” was named an honorable mention in VH1's 2010 Song of the Year contest. What makes this disc so listenable is Sheldon's sincere and immediate voice, reminiscent of Ani DiFranco, Lisa Loeb, or Jeff Tweedy, and the band's tight, clean sound. “Starlite” is peppy and inviting, while “Take My Hand,” is warm and earnest. The third track, “Breakdown,” is psychologically dense. Sprawling to over seven minutes, This song has a singular emotional punch that wanders through several musical styles, driving to atmospheric with a Peter Gabriel-esque vulnerability and grandeur. The fourth track, “Long to Be” completes the journey, taking solace and healing in nature and memory. The disc is well-produced, intelligently arranged, and leaves us wanting more."

Kael Moffat - Utne Reader

"Take My Hand" did extremely well in the contest as it received the "Honorable Mention" placement in the contest. If Song of the Year receives a lot of positive responses from the judges about a song the Honorable Mention placement is given. Only the top writers receive this placement.

“With this said we are now prepared for one hell of a finale! This final battle will consist of our past three champions: Beer Guts and Glory, Blue Sky Drive and Community Property! Let me say that this will be the best battle to have hit this stage EVER! Be ready!”

Hard Rock Cafe, Hollywood Florida

“Words can hardly express how excited we are to present Blue Sky Drive to you today. We have watched this band develop from its infancy to what it has become today. They are an Alternative/Electro/Acoustic/Folk rock band from Hollywood, Florida, comprised of musicians that each make an incredible contribution, creating what is, Blue Sky Drive. They gently take you back to some sounds of the 90′s, but quickly propel you forward to the present day. Their debut EP contains tunes you’ll continue to hum in your head, long after you have finished hearing them. Please enjoy and if you like what you hear, support the band and buy the EP.”

“The Holidays are a time of reflection and for ushering in new ideas and possibilities. Letting go of regret and starting fresh are instrumental for this time of year and so is music that manages to hit each one of those chords right in the heart, Blue Sky Drive hits it beautifully and eloquently.”