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“Blues Emporium-Some hard-rockin' blues "Cheap Sunglasses" - that harp DO smoke, volk! Of course, you'll also wanna' listen to their uniquely played rendition of the old standard, "Crosscut Saw". The quality these guys truly excel in is their ENERGY level for the playing of tunes that often sound hackneyed in the hands of other players... they are definitely UP for what they're doin', & will have you scootin' 'round th' floor in a matter of only a few notes. My favorite song from this round, though, is "Travelin South" - surely reminds me of th' roadhouse kinda' atmosphere I remember from the Bishop boys way back when. I'm greatly impressed & hopin' they send us a CD with tons more releases in the future... I give this effort a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those blues lovers in our readership. Their "EQ" (energy quotient) rating is a stellar 4.99.”

"Couldn't Stand The Weather" and LOVED the tunes. B.E. captures the atmosphere and acumen of a pro Blues Band ... Amazing stuff - It's Memphis in Alberta, Eh!

Bill Wren - Revernation Comment