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“ GORDON BROWN The first interview I had with Gordon Brown was just after his amicable departure from Heavy Rock legends Iron Claw; that interview was posted here on Metal Odyssey practically a year ago to this day, on October 21st, 2011. Now, with a fresh start and always the positive outlook on the future, Gordon Brown has started a new band: Delta One Six. ”

“to see the full interview hit the link: Gordon Brown (Delta One Six, Ironclaw) Interview By Jennifer Stoker”

“Iron Claw went back into the studio to record their first new material in over 35 years. And “A Different Game” is the outstanding result. This album shouldn’t exist. There are not many instances that bands get together after a long hiatus. But Iron Claw are living proof and legends in my book. This album is brilliant. No question about it. Full of hard rocking songs that blends 70s based Blues Rock, Doom and good old Southern Boogie Rock to great effect. This album is getting praise all over the place for the right reasons. Its simply the comeback album to end all comeback albums in the respective genre. These guys know how to rock. They can even show a thing or two to their younger counterparts. The vocals are another highlight as they have the right blend of passion and fury needed in a hard rocking combo like this”

“IRON CLAW ‘A DIFFERENT GAME’ (RIPPLE MUSIC/USA IMPORT) 3 original members joined forces with a local singer called GORDON BROWN and the result is quite impressive. If you have a great singer in your line-up you’re halfway down the road and guess what, this GORDON BROWN is a fantastic typical Classic UK Bluesy Hard rock type of singer, kinda singing in the style of JIMMY BARNES, DAN McCAFFERTY, PAUL RODGERS and even some ROD STEWART, so with a whiskey ish raw edge to it, which really rocks! Besides, instrumental the band sounds pretty good, with some great heavy guitar work and all I can say is that the album ‘A Different Game’ is a very stunning Classic Hardrock album that sounds like FREE/CREAM/NAZARETH/LED ZEPPELIN/BAD COMPANY being fronted by JIMMY BARNES and with BLACK SABBATHish guitar riffs! Songs like “What Love Left”, “The Traveler”, the MANOWARish (!!!) “See Them Fall” and the superb ballad “It’s Easy” are easily a must-hear for any fan of Classic”

“The voice conveys experience and resolve, the solos tasteful. An effortlessly playable collection of working man's hard rock, and a heartening reassertion of power from metal's forgotten founding fathers. 8 out of 10”

“Iron Claw have made an album full of honesty and intregrity. The heavy riffs are still there but steer towards a more heavy blues approach. Black Sabbath meets Free, you could say. Opener 'What Love Left' kicks off in bombastic fashion with a Jimmy Page-esque riff and blows away any cobwebs you might have preconceived. Vocalist Gordon Brown has laboured hard with his rootsy broad voice, which reminds me a lot of Mammoth singer Nicky Moore (also in latterday Samson). In fact, anyone familiar with those Samson albums, 'Before The Storm' and 'Don't Get Mad...Get Even', will rejoice in 'A Different Game'. Imagine those Samson albums with a much grittier riffage and you will get a good idea how Iron Claw sound today.”

“Also the new singer is a great addition to the band with his passionate raw throat. The people who are familiar with the former line-up might miss the Ozzy resemblance in the vocals, which makes the music less Black Sabbath-like, but Brown has much other qualities to offer. One thing sure worth mentioning is the whiskey hoarseness and pure passion which can easily be compared with Dan McCafferty (Nazareth)”

“Throughout, Brown’s bellowing lows and sustained highs showcase a knack for gripping hooks, smoked-throat tonality, and memorable phrasing. He comes from that same school of power singing that Leslie West, “Screaming Mad” Dee Calhoun, and Mike Sorg (Mach II) favor, but with his own unique take on that tickling vibrato that draws out notes with that little extra gusto. This beaut reminds me of Mountain applying their bluesy antiseptic to Priest’s gaping metal wounds, and sets the tone for one knockout track after another. Brown’s vocal is harrowing, guttural, and with stark contrasts in tone from my hero Ronnie Van Zant (Gordon's low melody line rasps, and classic metal notes are the stuff of legends…”

“Lead by the gruff vocals of Gordon Brown, Iron Claw stirs up memories of classic Deep Purple, Bad Company, Nazareth and Thin Lizzy with a sound that is familiar, but uniquely their own. The first single and lead off track, What Love Left, is an ass kicker that’s meant more for the home stereo than the iPod. Even with the best headphones, there’s something about a good arena rock sound that needs to breathe and go beyond a quarter-inch speaker shoved in your ear. Sometimes you just need to have the walls shake a bit and A Different Game is something that can get the job done. ”

“With three of the four original members being once again gripped by the Iron Claw (Ian McDougall (drums), Alex Wilson (bass), Jimmy Ronnie (guitar)), singer Gordon Brown (not that Gordon Brown, that would be the clunking Iron Fist!), was added to the line up and what masterstroke that has proven to be. For Brown’s vocal style, think along the lines of the lived in gritty roar of Phil Mogg (UFO) and you won’t be far off and when you consider that Iron Claw operate in the same heavy riffed, hard hitting blues territory as UFO, then you’ll understand why he is such an asset. That however would mean nothing if Iron Claw didn’t have the songs to back it up, but they do, with not a dud to be found anywhere on this disc.”

“A Different Game is a reminder that Rock n’ Roll was born from the Blues and Gordon Brown’s vocals will have you searching to see if he ever “once” sang for Deep Purple. So fluid, so classic is the voice of Gordon’s that I swear he has a famously storied Rock career, one that VH1 would have a documentary on… only it’s all heard and told here on A Different Game.”

“The entire album reminds me of a cross between Blackfoot, Black Oak Arkansas and ZZ top (Tres Hombres era) but with a decidedly heavier Guitar. Matter of fact, I came to that comparison because of Gordon Brown's vocal style is so similar to Rickey Medlocke (especially on that great ode to love, "Angel Woman") and James Mangrum, which is not to say he doesn't have his own voice; he has the pipes to hold his own against any who'd want to take up the challenge.”