Blue Phoenix Radio / Press

“You go from strength to strength a wondering spirit in a mixed up world and only you can translate whats around you and leave us all standing still whist your Emotional energy fills our minds, you are an inspiration.”

“It's a trip to have you on board again TJ, please, no more jumping ship without informing the ships cat, petty officer (Cateye) that you are going for an impromptu inspirational spacewalking lyrical stroll.... your superb newly launched reverb page dear TJ is bedazzling in musical light. Love, midshipman .... Bonkers :)”

“hypnotic...only way to describe "Shaken Not Stirred"...this song could have been 2 hours long and I would have kept listening. Maybe I'll just play it again.”

“Fantastic centre here to come to and enjoy your years of evocative, reflective, ethereal and captivating collaborations and songwriting...always enjoy that beautiful shimmer of music and vocal ...wonderful work here my friend!”